Insecure Men

How can look self-doubt in a man-a feeling of failure. Such men feel fear not to cope with something, not to achieve success, something not to be able. Such a man is vulnerable and overly sensitive, touchy, especially to the opinion of others. You can hear: “I am used”,” I am used”, “I offer friendship to women, and they want me to buy them something”,” they do not understand me”,”everyone just wants something from me”.

Such a man can impose his help, support, attention, but then inevitably accuses others that they are using it.

Self-confidence is built in the earliest interaction with the mother and the world around her. If the mother and the surrounding family enjoyed communicating with the child: they touched him, admired him, the child will eventually perceive himself as loved and valuable, worthy and capable. If the mother had depression, and relatives looking for flaws (the legs are crooked, protruding ears) is formed by a painful sense of “badness” itself.
If a child is admired, it leads to self-respect and love of oneself. If the child rejected, it leads to a feeling of worthlessness yourself.

Another option of interaction with the child, where he will feel rejected, is associated with the ambitions of parents in relation to him. Making great demands and expectations to the child, which he can not meet, parents put a high bar in front of him. When a child does not correspond to her, he sees disappointment and rejection of themselves in their views. Later, a cruel self-criticism of oneself is formed inside.

Also, the formation of confidence and self-esteem is influenced by the place in society occupied by parents: proud or ashamed of their child. If parents are alcoholics, or very poor, or the house is dirty, then inside grows shame for his family.

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