What does a high TSH reading mean?

what does a slightly high tsh mean

What does a elevated TSH mean? Elevated levels of TSH in the blood stream normally signify that the thyroid is underperforming. Elevated TSH levels are a typical signal of hypothyroidism that will need medical treatment to prevent possible health dangers.

Updated: August 18, 2016 — 5:16 am

Herbal Treatment for Hypothyroidism

herbal treatment for thyroid

Your thyroid, a butterfly-shaped gland in your neck listed below your Adam’s apple, is your chief gland of energy and metabolism and is like a master lever that fires up the genes that keep cells doing their jobs. You can think of the thyroid as an essential mechanism in an intricate device, as every cell […]

Updated: August 18, 2016 — 3:46 am
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