Myoma of the Uterus During Pregnancy

myoma uterine and pregnancy

Wondering about myoma of the uterus (also know as uterine fibroids) and if they’re malignant? Read on. We tell you how uterine fibroids can impact your pregnancy and if they’re hazardous to baby.

Updated: August 29, 2016 — 12:26 pm

Symptoms of Myoma of Uterus

myoma of uterus histology

What is a Myoma? A uterine myoma is a benign development of smooth muscle in the wall of the uterus. Description of Uterine Myomas A uterine myoma (myoma uteri) is a solid growth made of fibrous tissue, thus it is typically called a ‘fibroid’ growth. Myomas differ in size and number, are frequently slow-growing and […]

Updated: August 30, 2016 — 2:46 am
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