Large Bumps on Back of the Tongue

bumps on back of tongue bad breath

Bumps on the back of the tongue are typically natural. It called papillae and those on the back of the tongue are larger than those on the front. However, if the bumps on the back of the tongue seem growing or changing they should be examined to determine what is wrong.

Updated: September 27, 2017 — 7:08 pm

Tongue Cancer Stage 4 Treatment

tongue cancer stage 4 treatment

Treatment choices for oral cavity and oropharyngeal cancer by stage The type of treatment your doctor will recommend depends upon the growth website and how far the cancer has spread. This section notes the options generally considered for each stage of mouth or oropharyngeal cancer. These are general remarks about treatment, due to the fact […]

Updated: August 16, 2016 — 11:48 am

Why Is My Tongue White?

why is my tongue white on the sides

White tongue is a coating of debris, bacteria and dead cells on your tongue that makes it look white. Although the appearance of white tongue may be worrying, the condition is typically safe and temporary. Nevertheless, white tongue can be an indicator of some severe conditions, ranging from infection to a precancerous condition.

Updated: August 8, 2016 — 12:44 pm
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