Shortness of Breath and Nausea

If nausea and shortness of breath present separately, they aren’t a big concern. Everyone at some time of the life will have a particular level of shortness of breath or nausea. However, when these two symptoms exist together, they may be a sign of a severe medical condition, even a deadly one which needs instant […]

Updated: April 20, 2017 — 12:32 am

Causes of Middle Right Abdominal Pain

Belly pains, stomachache, bellyache, and gut pains are all names used to describe abdominal pain. The pain you experience can be mild or severe, depending on what causes it in the first location. Abdominal pain can be quick to impact you — this takes place in case of intense abdominal pain. It can likewise happen […]

Updated: April 10, 2017 — 7:12 am

E. coli: Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

E. coli (Escherichia coli) is the name of a bacterium, or germs, that resides in the gastrointestinal tracts of humans and animals. There are lots of types of E. coli, and the majority of them are harmless. But some can cause bloody diarrhea. Some pressures of E. coli bacteria might likewise cause severe anemia or […]

Updated: April 3, 2017 — 11:50 am

Lower Left Abdomen Pain in Women

A lady might experience left-sided abdominal pain for a range of reasons. Some are bothersome however harmless. Others, such as a ruptured ectopic pregnancy, can be instantly harmful. Your age and medical history can play a significant role in assisting you figure out the most likely causes. For example, a 60-year-old postmenopausal lady would not […]

Updated: April 3, 2017 — 10:38 am

Side Effects of a Severe Constipation

Being constipated ways your defecation are difficult or occur less often than normal. Practically everybody goes through it eventually. Although it’s not usually severe, you’ll feel better when your body is back on track. The normal length of time in between bowel movements varies extensively from individual to individual. Some individuals have them three times […]

Updated: March 30, 2017 — 3:12 pm

Bad Breath Smells Like Rotten Eggs

Burping (belching) indicates expelling of the air or other gases from your stomach through your mouth. Many healthy people expel some non-smelling air after consuming or drinking. Numerous health conditions can causes extreme burping.

Updated: March 25, 2017 — 12:13 pm

Celiac Disease in Older Adults

Cynthia Grenham works long hours as a real estate agent outside Boston. But not too long ago, she could not get through many days without taking a nap. Grenham had other puzzling symptoms, consisting of stomach upset and severe skin inflammation. In some cases her brain felt so foggy, she struggled to discover the right […]

Updated: March 22, 2017 — 6:41 pm

Crohn’s Disease in Older Adults

Inflammatory bowel diseases (IBD), such as Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis, are traditionally diagnosed in younger individuals. However, that they are life-long illness indicates that there are lots of older people who have lived with IBD for several years. Patients can put themselves into a position to have a high quality of life and enjoy […]

Updated: March 22, 2017 — 6:16 pm

How to Improve Bowel Moments after Appendectomy

The patient should be closed immediately at the first signs of severe pain, vomiting and fever. Rest is of utmost value in the treatment of this disease. The patient needs to turn to fasting, which is the only genuine treatment for appendicitis. Definitely no food should be offered. Absolutely nothing other than water must get […]

Updated: March 19, 2017 — 6:11 am
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