Celiac Disease in Older Adults

Cynthia Grenham works long hours as a real estate agent outside Boston. But not too long ago, she could not get through many days without taking a nap. Grenham had other puzzling symptoms, consisting of stomach upset and severe skin inflammation. In some cases her brain felt so foggy, she struggled to discover the right […]

Updated: March 22, 2017 — 6:41 pm

Crohn’s Disease in Older Adults

Inflammatory bowel diseases (IBD), such as Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis, are traditionally diagnosed in younger individuals. However, that they are life-long illness indicates that there are lots of older people who have lived with IBD for several years. Patients can put themselves into a position to have a high quality of life and enjoy […]

Updated: March 22, 2017 — 6:16 pm

How to Improve Bowel Moments after Appendectomy

The patient should be closed immediately at the first signs of severe pain, vomiting and fever. Rest is of utmost value in the treatment of this disease. The patient needs to turn to fasting, which is the only genuine treatment for appendicitis. Definitely no food should be offered. Absolutely nothing other than water must get […]

Updated: March 19, 2017 — 6:11 am

Poop Won’t Fit Through Anus

Never ever a comfy subject to discuss, but it readies to have some idea of what to try if you or a liked one ever experiences solidified stool that will not come out by itself. First, it’s important to bear in mind that whenever you have the desire to have a defecation, it’s best that […]

Updated: March 19, 2017 — 6:01 am

Spleen Function in Human Body

Spleen Function in Human Body

The spleen is the biggest organ in the lymphatic system. It is an important organ for keeping bodily fluids balanced, but it is possible to live without it. The spleen is located under the ribcage and above the stomach in the left upper quadrant of the abdominal area. Adult spleens are generally about 5 inches […]

Updated: March 13, 2017 — 4:25 pm

Gallbladder Function in Human Body

Gallbladder Function in Human Body

The gallbladder is an organ that is part of the human biliary system, which is included with the production, storage and transportation of bile. Bile is a yellowish-brown fluid produced by the liver and used to separate and absorb fatty foods in the small intestine.

Updated: March 12, 2017 — 10:19 am

Pancreas Function in Human Body

Pancreas Function in Human Body

The pancreas is a gland organ that lies in the abdominal area. It becomes part of the digestion system and produces crucial enzymes and hormonal agents that assist break down foods. The pancreas has an endocrine function since it releases juices directly into the bloodstream, and it has an exocrine function due to the fact […]

Updated: March 12, 2017 — 9:08 am

Liver Function in Human Body

Potassium Function in Human Body

The liver is located in the upper right-hand part of the abdominal cavity, below the diaphragm and on top of the stomach, right kidney, and intestines. The liver, a dark reddish-brown organ, has multiple functions.

Updated: March 12, 2017 — 8:05 am

Swollen Stomach (Abdomen)

A swollen abdomen is when your belly area is bigger than normal. This issue also known as swollen belly; swelling in the abdominal area; abdominal distention; distended abdominal areas.

Updated: March 11, 2017 — 3:34 am

Why Is My Poop Flat When It Comes Out

Flat stool will have a ribbon-like look and be accompanied by other symptoms. A flat stool takes place if there is an intestinal tract concern such as irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) or an obstruction like a colon polyp. It is necessary to recognize the symptoms as this will assist you avoid or remedy the issue. […]

Updated: March 7, 2017 — 10:47 am
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