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Systemic Lupus Erythematosus

systemic lupus erythemato

Systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE) is an autoimmune disease. In this disease, the body’s body immune system wrongly attacks healthy tissue. It can affect the skin, joints, kidneys, brain, and other organs. This disease also know as┬áDisseminated lupus erythematosus, SLE, Lupus, Lupus erythematosus, Butterfly rash – SLE, Discoid lupus.

Updated: November 18, 2017 — 2:20 am

Most Dangerous Skin Cancer

what is the most dangerous type of skin cancer

There are three primary types of skin cancer. The most serious is melanoma. Like all body tissues our skin is made up of cells: basal cells, squamous cells and melanocytes.

Updated: November 13, 2017 — 1:37 pm

Brown Recluse Spider Bites Stages

Brown Recluse Spider Bites Stages

The brown recluse is a spider found almost exclusively in the southwestern and midwestern United States. As its name suggests, the brown recluse has the tendency to reside in concealed areas, such as closets, attics, barns, and stacks of rocks or wood. It is a harmful spider, launching a harmful venom into the skin during […]

Updated: November 6, 2017 — 6:22 pm

How to Get Rid of Whiteheads

how to get rid of whiteheads fast

Whiteheads, small, firm bumps that appear on the skin, are triggered when the pores are obstructed with oil. Although whiteheads and blackheads are similar, whiteheads are closed, so the oil is trapped under the skin where it hardens and is unable to leave. Normally, whiteheads can be managed with easy self-care techniques, however be relentless […]

Updated: October 23, 2017 — 10:26 am

Candidiasis of Skin and Nails

candidiasis of skin and nails

Candida is a naturally happening fungus. When overgrown, it can cause an infection on the skin and in the nails. This infection is called candidiasis.┬áMen, women, and children have Candida, and everyone can get an infection. However what is Candida, what are the symptoms of infection, treatments, and how can infection be prevented? This short […]

Updated: October 12, 2017 — 7:38 am

How to Get Rid of Spider Veins on Face

how to get rid of spider veins on nose

Spider veins take place when tiny veins listed below the surface area of the skin congregate, triggering red, blue or purple stainings. Most common on the legs and ankles, spider veins cause no symptoms and do not position any health risks. If you find them unpleasant, you can cover them with cosmetics, use home remedies […]

Updated: October 10, 2017 — 5:58 pm

How to Reduce Pimple Redness

how to reduce redness from pimple

Your skin consists of countless tiny pores which consist of sebaceous glands. These glands provide skin-softening sebum to the skin. When these glands produce sebum in excess or end up being infected with bacteria, the pores can become clogged, according to Medical News Today. The result is a red, typically painful pimple. You can minimize […]

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Fish That Eat Dead Skin

Garra rufa

10 years ago, small fish munching away at your feet may seem like a scene from a scary film. Today, people enjoy the experience of these little animals consuming the fragments of their feet. Stalls and even day spas concentrating on fish health club therapy now populate shopping center, pedestrian sidewalks and tourist attractions. Below, […]

Updated: September 12, 2017 — 7:10 am

Hair Smells Bad Even After Washing

hair smells bad even after washing

Do you discover yourself often questioning “why does my hair smell bad even after washing?” Well this article will help you get to the “root” (yes, the pun is planned) cause of your hair smell!

Updated: September 4, 2017 — 2:15 am

Pain on Top of Head When Touched

tenderness on top of head when touched

Pain on top of head when touched is a fairly typical problem, linked with numerous medical conditions that impact lots of people. Migraines, tension headaches, and autoimmune disorders like psoriasis can all cause the scalp to end up being inflamed, inflamed, and painful. Sunburns, rashes, injuries, and insect bites likewise frequently cause pain on top […]

Updated: September 3, 2017 — 2:09 am
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