Breast Rash

Breast rash explains inflammation and inflammation of the skin on your breast. A breast rash can also be itchy, scaly, painful or blistered. Other terms used to describe a breast rash include dermatitis and hives.

What Causes Breast Rashes

Many breast rashes have the same causes as rashes happening somewhere else on the body. Some rashes happen just on the breast.

Causes of rash that take place just on the breast might include:

  • Breast abscess, Inflammatory breast cancer
  • Mammary duct ectasia
  • Mastitis – an infection in breast tissue that a lot of typically influences women who are breast-feeding
  • Nipple dermatitis, Nipple piercings or other body art, such as tattooing
  • Paget’s disease of the breast, Radiation dermatitis

General causes of rash that can affect any part of the body, consisting of the breast, include:

  • Atopic dermatitis (eczema).
  • Candidiasis (particularly under the busts).
  • Cellulitis (a skin infection).
  • Dermatitis, Hives and angioedema.
  • Psoriasis, Scabies, Seborrheic dermatitis.

Causes  of breast rash revealed here are commonly connected with this symptom. Work with your doctor or other healthcare expert for an accurate medical diagnosis.

Breast rash often appear with pain, itching, cancer, back pain, pregnancy, lump, breastfeeding, itchy nipple, lupus, menopause, around nipple, after pregnancy, after mastectomy, after lumpectomy, after biopsy, after surgery, etc.

When to see a doctor

Breast rash is rarely an emergency situation. However make a visit with your doctor if your breast rash does not react to self-care within a week or 2, or if it is accompanied by:

  • Fever, Severe pain, Sores that will not heal.
  • Symptoms and signs that aggravate or last longer than a week.


In the meantime, you might find some remedy for your breast rash with these steps:

  • Take a warmer bath or location a warmer washcloth over the rash for a couple of minutes.
  • Use a fragrance-free moisturizer to the area.
  • Care for your skin. Do not scratch the rash.
  • Prevent additional stress, because stress can make a rash itchier or make you more likely to scratch.
  • Think of current behaviors that may have triggered your rash. Have you tried a new soap? Have you been wearing scratchy clothes? Stop using any new items that might have caused your rash.

Treatment for Breast Rash

Treatment of a breast rash depends on the type of rash and causative condition. It might involve a combination of topical applications (cream, lotions, gels and medicated soaps), oral medication (tablets and pills) and extra treatments such as PUVA light treatment. For that reason treatment procedures may differ and it is very important to first seek professional recommendations about the breast skin rash. Some of the general procedures to prevent the rash from getting worse includes:

  • Using loose fitting underwears and clothing.
  • Remove any soaps, shampoos or body creams that might aggravate the skin especially if it is aromatic.
  • Making use of a suitable hypoallergenic emollient (obstacle cream) to secure the afflicted skin from the environment.
  • Prevent scratching as far as possible as this aggravates any condition and can lead to secondary bacterial infections. Keep the nails short and apply thick applications like oil jelly in the evening to avoid abrasion of the skin with unintended scratching during sleep.
  • Constantly make use of the treatment prescribed by a doctor. Over-the-counter and prescription medication or applications can be practical but might mask the condition and intensify it in the long run if it was not particularly prescribed for the condition in concern.
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