can a bulging disc heal on its ownMuscules-Bones-Joints
Can a Bulging Disc Heal on Its Own?
Discs situated in between the spine vertebrae take in shock and facilitate movement. Bulging discs, which normally surface in the lower back, happen when
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Bone Spurs at Neck SideMuscules-Bones-Joints
Bone Spurs in Neck
Cervical osteophytes are bone spurs that grow on any of the seven vertebrae in the cervical spine (neck), ranging from the base of the skull, C1 vertebra
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eczema cause hands to peelSkin problems
Eczema on Hands
Could your itchy rash be a symptom of eczema? It’s possible. Eczema, likewise called dermatitis, is a term that covers numerous kinds of skin problems.
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sharp pain in the left side of my head that comes and goesPain Management
Causes of Sharp Pain in the Left Side of Head
Sharp pain in the left side of head are among the more typical factors individuals seek healthcare. The causes range from benign to severe and possibly
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Feeling tired alwaysMiscellaneous
Why Am I So Tired All the Time?
We all have the tendency to criticize being tired on a too-busy lifestyle. And a lot of the time we’re right. But if you feel tired regularly or
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fibromyalgia pain medicinePain Management
Pain Medication for Fibromyalgia
There’s no cure-all tablet for your fibromyalgia, but you have actually got great deals of medicines to choose from to treat your symptoms.
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Upper Lip TwitchingBrain & Neurology
Upper Lip Twitching
Upper lip twitching is an uncontrolled contraction of upper lips caused by many conditions consisting of psychological aspects. In some cases, it might
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warm sensation in left footBrain & Neurology
Warm Feeling in Foot
You may experience warm sensation in foot due to lots of reasons. It is possible to resolve the concern only if you know what’s triggering it in
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Arm Falling Asleep at Night
People who have issues with arms or hands falling asleep during the night may be sleeping on an incorrect position or experiencing nerve issues.
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right arm numbness at nightBrain & Neurology
Right Arm Numbness
Right arm numbness or tingling is not typically associated with particular condition, so this symptom may cause confusion. However, this condition may
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Colored human brain lobesBrain & Neurology
Lobes of the Brain
The human brain consists of the frontal, occipital, temporal, and parietal lobes. Read on to discover how these four areas in the brain function to support
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primary vs. secondary RaynaudSkin problems
Raynaud’s Phenomenon
Raynaud’s (ray-NOHZ) Phenomenon causes some areas of your body – such as your fingers and toes – to feel numb and cold in reaction to
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