Kidneys & Urinary System

UTI and Back Pain on One Side

UTI or urinary tract infection impacts countless women worldwide. The urinary tract is a system including the bladder, tubes called ureters as well as the kidneys. This system creates and transfers the urine out of the body, however in many cases, germs enter the urine causing an infection known as UTI or bladder infection. One […]

Updated: August 22, 2016 — 12:17 am

High Creatinine Levels: Symptoms and Causes

What are normal creatinine levels for adults? Creatinine is determined in a regularly purchased blood test, and it’s a reflection of basic metabolic health. Normal creatinine bloods levels for men are about 0.6 to 1.2 milligrams/deciliters (mg/dL) and 0.5 to 1.1 mg/dL for women. Creatinine is a chemical waste product discovered in the blood– a […]

Updated: September 7, 2016 — 2:22 am

Feels Like Razor Blades When Urinating

In most cases feeling like razor blades during urinating means you have bladder infection. When you have had a bladder infection the majority of these symptoms are ones you won’t ever forget. Bladder infections can be simple to identify based upon these symptoms and often can be treated before tests return validating the infection, which […]

Updated: August 12, 2016 — 8:00 am

What Does a Kidney Infection Feel Like?

Likewise called pyelonephritis or kidney infection, a kidney infection is primarily a type of urinary tract infection and can cause extreme pain. You typically develop a kidney infection when E. coli bacteria spread out from the bladder to one of the kidneys. The pain related to it can be rather severe, which is why many […]

Updated: August 14, 2016 — 6:27 am

Urine Smells Like Metal

If your body is totally healthy, your urine should have no smell and be really clear. However, when you aren’t feeling well or ending up being undesirable, your urine can have a strong color and smell. In reality, concentrated urine can smell like metal. This is an indicator that there could be something going wrong […]

Updated: August 30, 2016 — 4:28 am

Reasons Why You Peeing So Much

If you ever ask yourself why am I peeing so much you might have problems with frequent urination, which is the desire to pee at any time, day or night. Your bladder will normally feel full and you might feel a strong desire to pee, which can cause you to lose control of your bladder. […]

Updated: August 6, 2016 — 3:50 am

Why Do I Pee When I Sneeze and Cough?

Many women meet one humiliating scenario: I pee when I sneeze. Lots of women who have gained weight, have been pregnant, dealt with a traumatic delivery, or have had constipation or a urinary tract infection have dealt with this urinary leak. Some older women also have it for many years. What causes this and how […]

Updated: August 6, 2016 — 10:47 am

Bladder Pain Close to the End of Urination

Having a painful urination could be due to various conditions, from a simple urinary tract infection to a sexually transferred disease. When the burning, or painful, sensation starts might differ from specific to specific. There’s no set amount of time as to when the burning sensation may occur in regards to before, during or after […]

Updated: August 17, 2016 — 3:01 am

Burning During Urination in Males

Painful urination is a broad term that is used to explain burning during urination. This pain may be caused by your: bladder urethra (the tube that carries urine outside your body). perineum (in men, the area between the scrotum and the rectum

Updated: October 25, 2016 — 7:50 am
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