pneumonia symptomsRespiratory system
Pneumonia is an infection in one or both lung. It can be triggered by fungi, bacteria, or bacterias. Pneumonia causes inflammation in your lung’
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Respiratory system
Lung Disease in Older Adults
The lungs have two primary functions. One is to get oxygen from the air into the body. The other is to remove co2 from the body. Your body requires oxygen
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Coughing Up Bloody MucusRespiratory system
Coughing Up Bloody Mucus
Coughing up blood is the spitting up of blood or bloody mucus from the lungs and throat (respiratory tract). Hemoptysis is the medical term for coughing
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What Is Cystic Fibrosis Life Expectancy?Cancer
Cystic Fibrosis Life Expectancy
Cystic fibrosis is a disease that causes thick, sticky mucus to develop in the lungs, gastrointestinal tract, and other areas of the body.
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ppd test procedureRespiratory system
PPD Skin Test
TB is a highly contagious disease. The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that TB is 2nd only to HIV and AIDS as the greatest international killer.
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Pain Management
Sharp Pain in Lung When Inhaling
Stabbing pain when breathing, likewise described as “knife-like,” is traumatic. Pain triggered by a condition in the lung is frequently sharp
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how long does pleurisy lastRespiratory system
How Long Does Pleurisy Last
The lungs and chest cavity are covered by thin, moist membranes called the pleura. Inflammation of these membranes or pleurisy might take place when it
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sarcoidosis skin: how does it looks likeRespiratory system
Sarcoidosis is a condition where little bead-like spots of swollen cells, called granulomas, show up in the body. They normally appear in the lungs and
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blood in saliva sore throatEar-Throat-Nose
Blood in Saliva
Blood in saliva might come from bleeding throughout the digestion system or respiratory system. It may signify a small trauma, an infection, or a significant
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Respiratory system
Black Mucus in Nose
The lining of your respiratory system, extending from your nose through the respiratory tracts of your lungs, is coated with mucus. This clear, sticky
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symptoms of croup in adultsRespiratory system
Croup in Adults
Croup in adults is an upper respiratory tract breathing issue, resulting in coughing and breathing issues. Although it’s not common, you must know
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Function of TracheaRespiratory system
Function of Trachea
The trachea, also called the windpipe, is a 4 inch long tube that measures a diameter of less than one inch. The trachea starts right listed below the
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