Why Do I Cough When I Lay Down?

You lie down after a long day of feeling lousy, only to find that you can’t stop coughing. Just when you need sleep the most, your cough symptoms get worse and keep you up all night.

Coughing is one of the most common factors for doctor’s check outs, according to the University of Maryland Medical Center. A doctor’s check out is typically required since there are different causes for a cough, especially one that intensifies when you are lying down. Often, a doctor will have to identify the cause before prescribing treatment.


Typically a cough that is even worse when you are lying down is brought on by acid reflux, or acid from the stomach backing up into your throat. Other factors for a cough that aggravates while lying down may be the post-nasal drip from a cold, or bronchitis or asthma. Inning Accordance With American Family Physician, coughing while lying down is often the only symptom of a bronchial obstruction. If you have frequent bouts of bronchitis, your doctor may consider a diagnosis of asthma.

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If your cough is triggered by acid reflux, avoid extremely acidic foods that exacerbate your heartburn, particularly prior to bedtime. If you smoke, stop, given that tobacco can likewise make your condition worse. You can likewise attempt using additional pillows to prop your head higher, or put a pillow or blanket under your mattress to raise your head. Wash your hands regularly to minimize the risk of catching a cold or other viral infection.


Coughing might be dry or productive. If your cough is productive, it means you are bringing up phlegm as you cough. It can also be acute, meaning it does not last for more than 2 to 3 weeks at a time, or chronic, lasting more than four weeks.


Medications may be prescribed to minimize symptoms related to heartburn. Antibiotics are frequently recommended to treat bronchitis, though inning accordance with American Family Physician, they have not been found efficient in reducing symptoms. Symptoms caused by asthma might be improved with a breathed in medication.


If your cough continues for more than two weeks, consult your doctor. He will take a medical history, collect information about the type of cough and how long you have had it in order to help you determine the cause. He may also order further diagnostic tests, such as a lung function test, electrocardiogram or X-rays. When he knows what is causing the cough, he will be much better able to recommend appropriate treatment.

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