The Different Types of Orthopedic Pillows

The orthopedic pillows are unique pillows that assist correct the body position while sleeping. The pillows follow orthopedic guidelines to guarantee appropriate and correct support to the different parts of the body. It likewise assists in alleviating sleep for individuals with medical conditions. These can be found in either foam or fiber. There is currently a pillow called the memory foam pillow which can take the type of the body when being used but eventually returns back to its natural shape as a pillow.

Orthopedic Pillows: Types and Differences

There are different type of orthopedic pillows particularly made for the various parts of the body.

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  • The body orthopedic pillow is that kind which is practically the size of the body length of the individual. It supports the entire body particularly if the individual rests sideways.
  • The neck pillow is formed like a horse shoe and fits just right for the neck. This keeps the neck from tilting in reverse excessive. It is used mostly by tourists who sit most of the time and by individuals who suffer from neck pain.
  • The wedge pillow is shaped like a triangle and is used for sleeping in a diagonal position.
  • The cervical pillow has a curved design that would support the neck, shoulders and the head.
    This is generally used by people who sleep on the back or sideways position. This keeps the neck correctly lined up with the spinal column for much better sleep.
  • The lumbar pillow supports the lower back and is used while the individual remains in a sitting position.
  • The donut pillow is generally round but with an empty space or a hole in the middle. It is used by a person who is dealing with hemorrhoids and some colon issues.
  • The memory foam pillow is shaped much like a square chair cushion which helps relieve back pain.
  • The quad cushion is another type of memory foam pillow which is generally used by pregnant women. It is placed between the thighs and knees. It helps relief back pain and assists in having an excellent sleep.
types of orthopedic pillows
An orthopedic pillow for good sleeping

The orthopedic pillows are noted for their helpful uses to individuals who have some medical conditions, sleeping problems, snoring issues and other health problems that require their uses. These pillows offer the essential convenience to offer great sleep. Most of the orthopedic pillows conform to the targeted body parts and relieve pressure points from these body areas. These are adjustable sufficient to satisfy the sleeping position of the person and offer the correct support to the neck and spinal column areas.

The orthopedic pillows can be used for as long as two years. But, if time and tear has influenced the look, firmness, shape and the helpful functions of the pillows, then these should be replaced with new ones to continue the benefits that you obtain from them.


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