Does Pest Repeller Bad for Human?

According to the study report of Professor Tim Leighton at the Institute of Sound and Vibration Research], University of Southampton, U.K, commercial products which exploit the discomforting effects of in-air ultrasound may cause shifts in the hearing threshold too.

Ultrasonic pest repellers are devices that launch ultrasonic or high-frequency sound in order to drive away and eliminate insects such as mice and bugs that are generally discovered in homes. House owners pestered by mice are typically curious if these ultrasonic mouse repellents are an efficient tool in getting rid of mice.

How Do Electronic Pest Control Devices Work?

The concept behind utilizing noises to ward off bugs was first embraced by the Chinese thousands of years ago. They used devices that were run manually and emitted sounds to expel bugs and pests from their crops.

Ultrasonic pest repellers as the name implies, use ultrasound which essentially means noise of more than 20,000 Hz. This frequency of sound is practically undetectable by the human ear. Ultrasonic sound is thought to trigger particular signs in bugs such as confusion, convulsions, and even death which is called an audiogenic seizure action. Insects are then expected to leave the area that causes this kind of distress for a friendlier environment.

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The following chart from the Dusenbery study in 1992 shows the sound level of sensitivity in various animals. From this chart, you can see how rodents can hear sounds at a much higher frequency when compared with humans.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Using Ultrasonic Pest Repellents


  • It is an overall safe device to utilize, avoiding the use of dangerous and harmful chemicals and toxin which may be hazardous for home pets and even humans.
  • It is fairly affordable with devices costing less than $100 and taking in very little electricity. Usually, there is no have to invest more than a one-time investment in this mouse repellent.
  • They work for various types of insects that makes it almost a one-size-fits-all pest controller rather than other approaches that only tackle one pest at a time.


  • Their efficiency has been extremely disputed with some research studies suggesting that they do not work at all, and some other tests such as the one performed in 2002 by the Kansas State University stating that they work however just for specific kinds of bugs and not others. The argument is still is out and it can not yet be said that they work 100%.
  • According to some accounts, they do not remove bugs completely but might minimize them to a specific extent. Other sources recommend that the insects may end up being habituated to the ultrasonic sound and will not be bothered by it after some time.
  • It has a short-range. Typically, they can operate in one space however won’t cover a complete house. Therefore, depending upon the locations where insects might be present, the user might need more than among these gadgets.

Human Hearing and Repellent

It is created to push back, remove family insects, such as mice, bugs and other insects, which are generally discovered in the houses.

So human can not hear the noise.

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