Does Sperm Die When It Hits the Air?

Life is all about asking the right questions and finding the responses. But questions like “Does sperm die when it hits the air” or “How long will it live?” may render you unaware. This short article will highlight the life expectancy of the sperm under different situations and offer all the answers you want to know.

Sperm and Air

If a sperm hits the air, it will lose their moisture really rapidly. Once a sperm dries, it is dead and inadequate for fertilizing an egg. If a sperm is dried, it can not be invigorated even if it is re-moistened! However, with the appropriate environment like a warm and wet one, sperms might make it through for 3-5 days when it runs out the body.

Dry Semen and Pregnancy

We have known the answer to “Does sperm pass away when it hits the air?” then what about sperms in dry semen? Many people think that this type of semen can make girls pregnant. This is a myth which has actually spread out across platforms because of lack of knowledge. Dry semen will not get you pregnant as sperms have an extremely short half-life and don’t survive in dry conditions.

Some female even frets that if she has semen in her hands which touches the vagina later on, she might get pregnant. Yeah, if you wipe some semen into your vagina simply after ejaculation, you are at risk of getting pregnant. But these fluid dry rapidly and sperms will end up being inert and sterile with time.

How Long Can Sperm Live in a Male Reproductive System?

Sperms are reproductive cells produced through spermatogenesis in the men’s testicles. In spermatogenesis, the constant division of spermatogenic cells happens in the seminiferous tubules, which causes the formation of spermatids, immature sperm cells. These cells are then sent out to the epididymis for maturation which takes about 2-3 weeks. This is also where sperms are kept prior to they are climaxed.

The life span of a sperm in the male body has to do with 74 days. If sperms aren’t launched within this period, they will degenerate and get dissolved into the male body. It’s worth mentioning that there are different consider play, which figure out the survival rates of the sperm and their permeating abilities.

Sperm Living Period in a Female Body

Other than the question “Does sperm die when it hits the air”, the most worried concern is “How long can a sperm live in a female body?” Sperms’ survival time in a female body depends on specific circumstances. When a man climaxes into a female’s vaginal area, from a number of million sperms just a couple of have the capability to successfully fertilize and reach the cervix. If the sperms fail to make it, they can not make it through for long in the vaginal canal due to the acidic conditions. If sperms manage to get to the cervix, they can survive for almost 3-4 days. Often sperms can make it through for 7 days. How so? At the time of ovulation, a woman’s body produces cervical mucus that offers ideal or favorable conditions for sperms to take a trip into the fallopian tubes with ease.

Other Causes Why Do Sperm Die Earlier

Although men produce millions of sperm every day, however the external elements from outside the body can affect its quality. Since sperm take 75 days to turn into maturity.

As quoted from the Health, there are 5 things that can make male sperm to pass away, specifically:

1. Temperature is too hot (overheating)

Human testis can not operate appropriately unless the temperature is cooler than other body parts. If the temperature of the testes increased to 98 degrees Fahrenheit, it will stop producing sperm.

“When production is interrupted, the negative effect might be numerous months. The number of sperm may be lower, deaths and impact the morphology of sperm from the sperm itself,” says Paul Shin, MD, a urologist from Washington, DC.

2. Take in warm water

Bath or shower with hot water is not good for the testes. Based on research study in 2007, soak for 30 minutes in a hot tub can lower sperm production. However this negative effect is reversible (can change).

Dr Shin tells warm water exposures can adversely affect the sperm for a sperm requires time to mature.

3. Fever

Kurt Wharton, MD, a fertility specialist tells the condition of someone who caught a cold can affect sperm quality, this is due to hot temperature. According to a study in 2003 discovered the concentration of sperm was decreased by 35 percent after experiencing a fever.

4. Laptop lap

According to researchers from the State University of New York at Stony Brook there is a direct relationship in between the use of a laptop with an increase in scrotal temperature to 35 degrees Celsius at a specific position.

This increase will have an unfavorable impact on spermatogenesis (production of male gamete development). So if you want your partner pregnant, you should put your laptop on the table do not lap.

5. Use tights

Dr. Wharton tells if the variety of low sperm count, the fighters are much better than tights. But will provide little effect if the variety of sperm was currently normal. Worn tight shorts for a long period of time is a bad routine.

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