Feels Like Razor Blades When Urinating

In most cases feeling like razor blades during urinating means you have bladder infection. When you have had a bladder infection the majority of these symptoms are ones you won’t ever forget. Bladder infections can be simple to identify based upon these symptoms and often can be treated before tests return validating the infection, which implies you get treated quicker.

Why Does Urinating Feel Like Razor Blades?

Here are some of the typical symptoms of bladder infection and reasons why you can feel razor blades when peeing:

Dysuria or it burns when I pee!

One of the most recognizable bladder infection symptoms is pain when weeing. It is often described as “razor blades in your pee hole”. If you are feeling this, even somewhat and you are susceptible to persistent bladder infections– it is certainly time to obtain onto fixing it!

This sensation can vary in intensity from a mild twinge that you hardly see at the start of a bladder infection, right through to tears streaming down your face burning hot pain.

Click on this link for some fast and easy ways to help minimize the pain of dysuria while you are looking for treatment to repair the issue.

Frequent urge to urinate

This is seeming like you have to wee. Lots.

When a bladder infection is complete blown, you can feel like you are needing to wee continuously. Its a deep throb, with a pressure on your pee hole and even as soon as you have completed weeing and there is absolutely nothing left in you, you will still feel like you have to go again. Terribly.

Just weeing a small amount at a time despite wanting to pee a lot.

Unless this has actually taken place to you, it can be hard to explain just how aggravating this is. Envision you are actually breaking for the toilet and you finally get to go. However when you go you can only pee a teeny small amount and may feel sharp pain like razor blades, according to iytmed.com. For a split second there is relief as that immediate feeling is gone. But that only lasts a 2nd prior to it is back once again and simply as uncomfortable and urgent. Now imagine that happening all day! Certainly among the more frustrating bladder infection symptoms.

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Cloudy or strong smelling urine

A bladder infection symptom that is frequently ignored is cloudy or smelly urine. We do not usually invest a great deal of time checking out our wees so this quickly goes undetected unless it is rather visibly different or very strong smelling.

The smell is tough to explain and is often stronger if you are likewise dehydrated, as it concentrated. Cloudy urine can be a great early indication of a bladder infection if you watch out for it.

i feel like i'm peeing razor blades

Feeling Rubbish

This bladder infection symptom is challenging to describe since it is not as direct as flaming hot pee hole. Lethargy, lack of concentration and just a general ill sensation typically make the fact that you are peeing every five minutes even worse.

When I have a bladder infection there are a lot of subtle changes throughout my whole body. I get extremely tired, emotional – on the edge of tears or anger and actually struggle to concentrate. Typically I can struggle to hold a discussion when I have a bladder infection and all I want to do is lie down and sleep.

Blood in urine

The first time this occurred to me I thought I was passing away!

Blood in your urine turns it pink colored and it can be rather a frightening thing to look down into the toilet bowl and see, especially if you currently seem like there is something certainly not right with your body. Click here for what bloody urine can suggest, and why you need to get onto treating it as quickly as possible.

Aches and Pains

A bladder infection symptom that I have experienced frequently is a lot of pain in my abdomen and back– much like really bad period pains. The pain is deep down inside however it is quite hard to pinpoint where. Absolutely uncomfortable and absolutely a sign that you are not well.

Aches in the back can also signify a kidney infection so it is essential that if you are experiencing pains and pains with your bladder infection that you deal with getting it treated as rapidly as possible.


An uncommon bladder infection symptom that I have had typically is a hot and cold fever. I know that these do not always come with bladder infections, but they have for me. It is not always a full on fever but still noticeable. You feel unbelievably hot and burning up alternating with being freezing shaking cold. Once again this can be a sign of a kidney infection which can be rather serious, so working to clear the infection as soon as possible is ideal.


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