Floating Poop Meaning

Poop that float is frequently due to poor absorption of nutrients (malabsorption) or too much gas (flatulence). Many causes of floating stools are safe. Most of the times, floating poops will go away without treatment.

Floating stools alone are not a sign of a disease or other health issue.

What Does It Mean When Your Poop Floats

Many things can cause floating stools. Most of the time, floating stools are due to what you eat. A modification in your diet might cause a boost in gas. Increased gas in the stool permits it to float.

Floating poops may also happen if you have a gastrointestinal infection.

Floating, greasy stools that are foul smelling might be due to severe malabsorption, particularly if you are dropping weight. Malabsorption means your body is not appropriately taking in nutrients.

Most floating stools are not triggered by a boost in the fat content of the stool. However, in some conditions, such as chronic pancreatitis, the fat content is increased.

What You Can Do at Home?

If a change in diet has actually caused floating poops or other illness, try to find which food is to blame. Avoiding this food may be practical.

When to Contact a Medical Professional

Tell your healthcare provider if you have modifications in your stools or bowel movements. Contact your service provider right now if you have bloody stools with weight reduction, dizziness, and fever.

What to Expect at Your Office Visit

Your supplier will carry out a physical exam and ask questions about your medical history and symptoms, such as:

  • When did you first notice the floating stools?
  • Does it happen all the time or from time to time?
  • What is your basic diet?
  • Does a change in your diet change your stools?
  • Do you have other symptoms?
  • Are the stools nasty smelling?
  • Are the stools an abnormal color (specifically pale or clay-colored stools)?

A stool sample might be needed. Blood tests may be done. For the most parts, nevertheless, these tests will not be required.

Treatment depends upon the specific medical diagnosis.

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