Garlic for Tooth Infection

How does garlic fights against tooth infection.

A tooth infection can be a very painful problem that can result from bad dental hygiene and lack of proper dental care. Usually, tooth infections are treated with prescription antibiotics and root canal procedures. Garlic may also be helpful for relieving the symptoms connected with tooth infection.

Garlic vs. Tooth Infection

Unattended tooth infections might become severe and lead to lethal illnesses. Look for instant dental care if you have a tooth infection and prior to using garlic as an alternative treatment.


An infected tooth normally results from tooth decay that is caused by a deep cavity or broken tooth. This enables bacteria to go into the pulp of the tooth and cause infection, which can be extremely painful. If left untreated, you might experience an abscess on your gums, which can result in bone damage, missing teeth and other severe complications as the infection spreads.

Garlic for a Tooth Infection
Garlic is especially reliable for treating the condition as it works as both an anti-inflammatory representative in addition to a natural antibiotic.


Typical treatment plans for tooth infections include antibiotics and pain relief medication. Dental professionals may likewise carry out a root canal in an effort to save the infected tooth. This procedure includes opening the tooth to get rid of the infected root and nerves, according If these approaches are not successful in getting rid of the infection, the whole tooth may be gotten rid of, and further surgery or healthcare may be needed.

About Garlic

Garlic has been used for medicinal functions for many years for a wide range of health conditions, including high blood pressure, colds as well as cancer prevention. The active component in garlic is a sulfur-containing amino acid called allicin, which provides garlic its strong smell and antimicrobial properties. The National Institutes of Health suggests that you stop taking big quantities of garlic two weeks prior to any surgery, as it might increase or prolong bleeding.

Types of Garlic

Garlic is most potent in its natural clove form, which can be put straight on the tooth for pain relief. Garlic likewise comes in other types, including tablets, which might be crushed and put on the dental injury, or liquids, which can be used to soak a cotton ball and fill a painful hole. Beware when purchasing odorless garlic products. The same substance that gives garlic its smell likewise gives it its capability to treat infection.

Successful experience of garlic usage for tooth infection and pain

  • I have had a tooth pain for the past two months off and on again however it has actually come back for the worse! I have attempted ibuprofen and it never ever completely takes the pain away. I love garlic so when I heard about this remedy I was all over it and think what … it absolutely works!!! I have had no pain for the last half hour since I tried it. It does burn your tongue and throat if you take the clove straight so perhaps attempting squashing it first? I have no idea. But this works. So attempt it if you have tooth pain! I understand I have an abscess tooth, wisdom tooth and several cavities and this is the only fully efficient remedy that I’ve attempted so far.
  • I had a tooth extraction today. Pills weren’t assisting excessive. Stumbled across this site and thought why not! Minimized my pain a minimum of 70% immediately. So much better now.
  • Garlic is a natural wonder. Incredible how quickly it helped in my throbbing abscess tooth. I require a crown on an old bad molar for 2 years and been avoiding the dental expert, mistake on that. But until I can get to the dental professional next week, a piece of Garlic placed on the side of my tooth and held there for 5 minutes DID WONDERS. It did sting and burn a little, however after the preliminary pain the toothache has subsided about 95%. Amazing. After more research, I chose to chop up a few fresh cloves of garlic extremely small and toss it in my soup for lunch. Garlic has significant healing remedies and can fight infectious bacteria in the body. My dental practitioner informed me that was an excellent concept and it can fight major infections. I love garlic!


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