How to Get Rid of Puffy Nipples From Steroid Use

Gyno from steroids is different from the most common variety caused by leftover tissue from puberty.

Do you know that puffy nipple is a relatively common condition in men? It is the augmentation of breast glands in men and is a condition produced by the imbalance of estrogen and testosterone hormones. It triggers the breast tissues to swell and impacts males of any ages, consisting of babies, teenagers, and old men.

There are numerous ways how to get rid of puffy nipples. This includes a necessary diet change and a routine of a workout — the 2 help in decreasing fat and strengthening your chest muscles. A healthy diet needs to be fat-free with high consumption of vegetables and fruits. If the preferred outcomes are not achieved, surgery is an efficient way to get rid of puffy nipples.

Treatment Options for Puffy Nipples From Steroid Use

There is a wide variety of treatments for how to get rid of puffy nipples. Based upon their causes, the following are treatment alternatives for puffy nipples;

#1 For low testosterone level

Your food consumption has a considerable effect on hormone levels in the body. A high-protein diet helps to maintain a healthy testosterone level and contributes to a loss of fat. A healthy diet with carbs and fats plays the role of optimizing the testosterone level and result in a tidy expense of health.

Lessen stress
High levels of stress trigger the production of the hormone cortisol. Elevated levels of cortisol in the body minimize the testosterone level. It is vital to reduce difficult circumstances in your life for ideal hormone levels and a healthy life.

#2 For gynecomastia

Glandular tissues on your chest cause Gynecomastiastia. Low cable flyes are essential exercises in your training. They focus on training your upper chest for muscle advancement. The workouts help get rid of the tissues, thus removing puffy nipples.

Handstand pushups
Handstand pushups are essential workouts focused on reducing breast size. Incorporating the exercise into your workout regular improves tightening up of the upper chest making the puffy nipples in men smaller.

#3 For excess fat

A healthy diet is essential for a fit body. Lowering sugar intake optimizes the testosterone level in the body, which is crucial for muscle mass.

Prevent drinking beer
Excessive intake of beer causes a decline in the testosterone level in the body. A low level of testosterone in the body is most likely to lead to being overweight or obese, as the hormone offers the strength required to burn off excess fat. strongly recommends to quit alcohol.

#4 For wheat and sodium consumption

It is necessary to cut back on wheat and sodium. They make your physique lax. Avoiding the two ensures a firmer physique. Consume healthy meals that consist of veggies, fruits, and quality meat.

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What Causes Puffy Nipples?

Because of puffy nipples, men can be quite ashamed and suffer from low self-esteem. Discussed below in depth are different causes of the condition.

Low testosterone level
Testosterone is the major hormone for male life. The hormone is accountable for muscle boost, strength and sex drive in males. The existence of puffy nipples is a sign of low testosterone and high estrogen levels in the body. Increasing the testosterone level is essential for a tight chest.

This is a medical condition where glandular tissues collect under the nipple making the areola dome-shaped. This leads to puffy nipples in males. Gynecomastia is generally caused by making use of steroids, especially by bodybuilders.

Excess fat
Breasts are mainly composed of lipids. Being overweight or obese causes your body to collect much fat. This fat is likewise consisted of around your chest area, which aggravates puffy nipples.

Consumption of wheat and sodium consumption
A diet consisted of wheat and sodium makes the body lax or soft, hence the development of puffy nipples. These foods are primarily processed food, which should be avoided.

How to Prevent Puffy Nipples in Males?

Is it possible to avoid puffy nipples? Here are precaution pointers on How to get rid of nipple fat happen from steroid consumption and other reasons.

Avoid illegar drugs
This consists of steroids, marijuana, heroin, and androgens. Continued usage of illegal drugs causes puffy nipples due to the minimized level of the testosterone hormonal agent in the body.

Avoid alcohol
It is wise to avoid alcohol consumption entirely or reduce the amount of usage. Extreme alcohol in the body results in a minimized level of testosterone, which is connected to being overweight, with excess fat in the body being explicitly saved around the chest area.

Medication review
It is crucial to consult a physician when on medications that risk of causing puffy nipples or Gynecomastia. Go for other medication alternatives.


Though puffy nipples, or gynecomastia, is not a grave condition, it is hard to deal with. Young boys and men may have low confidence and tend to feel embarrassed. A healthy diet, rigid exercise routine, and surgery are the means how to get rid of puffy nipples.

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