How to Lower Liver Enzymes

how to lower my liver enzymes

The liver protects your body from damaging substances that enter your body through consumption, breathing or absorption through your skin. Your liver acts as a filtering system to expunge toxins while all at once saving essential nutrients required for normal biochemical functions. Liver enzymes are proteins secreted into your blood stream when they rise it may suggest you have an underlying liver dysfunction.

The main proteins consist of alanine aminotransferase, aspartate aminotransferase, lactate dehydrogenase and alkaline phosphatase. Elevation of any of these enzymes suggests a specific portion of your liver that might be damaged and medical intervention is called for to treat the cause.

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How to Lower Liver Enzymes Naturally

  1. Go to the doctor and get a liver function panel to recognize the area of injury. A liver panel screens for liver damage and aids in diagnostics for precise treatment. Signs of possible liver enzyme elevation might include consistent fatigue, nausea, vomiting, abdominal swelling, jaundice and discoloration of urine and stool.
  2. Stop drinking alcohols instantly. Chronic alcohol use increases your risk of elevated enzymes. A damaged liver does not filter the hazardous compound ethanol, the primary active component in alcohol, from your body readily and this can lead to comprehensive liver damage.
  3. Start a low-protein diet. A broken liver can not metabolize protein effectively. According to Thelma King Thiel, chairwoman and CEO of Hepatitis Foundation International, an education, research and training site for the general public and health care specialists, in a damaged liver excessive day-to-day protein consumption increases hepatic encephalopathy, or confused cognitive states. Animal-based foods are greatest in protein. Halve meat parts or replace with plant-based proteins like beans or nuts to limit consumption. Do not restrict protein completely and consult your doctor before minimizing protein usage.
  4. Prevent over the counter medications consisting of acetaminophen. This component is common in pain relievers but can increase your risk of liver damage till your enzymes are steady.
  5. Handle existing medical complications. Heart disease can cause raised liver enzymes. Follow your physician’s suggestions for diet, lifestyle modifications and medications to control problems with your heart.
  6. Lose excess weight. Overweight and obesity contribute to raised liver enzymes. Deal with your doctor on changing your diet and integrating light workout to help you reduce weight safely.

How Long Does It Take to Lower Liver Enzymes

Of cause, you would like to know how to lower your liver enzyme count fast. The duration that it takes to bring the levels of liver enzymes in the body back to normal differs from individual to person, based upon the severity of the condition, the causes, the diet followed and the medication taken. If the condition is not too severe and a diet to lower liver enzymes is followed strictly and consistently, then it is possible to obtain the liver back on track with a month or more. However, in addition to following a stringent diet to lower liver enzymes, it is likewise necessary to set up an exercise regime, which includes at least half an hour of exercising each day.

Even though the problem of high levels of liver enzymes is not necessarily a major one and can be treated at home, with an appropriate diet and workout routine, it is essential that you have a doctor keep track of the condition closely at all time. Once an individual manages to minimize the levels of liver enzymes to a normal level, it does not mean that she or he can change back to a diet that is high in fat, or quits working out. A diet to lower liver enzymes is more like a lifestyle change, which need to be followed on a long term basis.


  • Take prescription medications as directed and inform your doctor about any additional medications or supplements you take over-the-counter.
  • Do not participate in fad diets or restrictive diets without consulting your doctor. Avoid inhalation of severe chemicals like paint or pollutants by wearing a mask.
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