List of Foods Rich in Amino Acids

What you eat after your exercise is almost as important as doing the exercise in the first place. And you probably know that, whether it’s a snack or meal, your repast ought to include some protein, considering that it’s the nutrient that helps fix your hard-worked muscles.

List of Foods That Contain the Most Amino Acids

Amino acids are the foundation of proteins, so the foods with the highest amount of amino acids are those that are greatest in protein. Of the 20 amino acids, 9 are vital because your body cannot make them. Animal-based foods include all the important amino acids, while many plant-based protein sources are low in several of the essential amino acids. So, what are the foods rich in amino acids?

Lean Meat

Red meat is one of the foods highest in protein, with lean cuts of beef offering about 31 grams in each 3-ounce serving.

Poultry and Seafood

You do not need to eat red meat to get an excellent protein and amino acid repair. A 3-ounce serving of chicken or turkey breast has about 28 grams of protein, and the same quantity of halibut, tuna or salmon consists of about 22 grams. Tilapia, cod, sole, flounder and perch are slightly lower in protein but are still excellent sources.

salmon rich in protein

Eggs and Dairy

You can get a substantial amount of the essential amino acids from eggs and dairy foods. When it pertains to dairy products, low-fat and non-fat sources offer the most protein per gram and per calorie. A 1-ounce piece of non-fat mozzarella offers 9 grams of protein, while the same quantity of low-fat Swiss cheese includes 8 grams. Each ounce of Parmesan cheese has 10 grams of protein. A cup of yogurt provides 14 grams of protein, and a large egg has 6 grams of protein.

Plant-Based Protein Sources

Unlike a lot of other plant-based protein sources, quinoa and soy products offer all the necessary amino acids. A cup of prepared quinoa has about 8 grams of protein, a 3-ounce serving of tofu has 6 grams of protein and a cup of soybeans has 29 grams of protein, according to Beans and nuts, which don’t include all the amino acids, do offer considerable amounts of protein, with beans providing between 15 and 17 grams of protein per cup and nuts and seeds supplying between 4 and 9 grams of protein per ounce.

Mushrooms also known as protein rich food. Learn do mushrooms have protein and how much.

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