Low Appetite in the Morning

Why do I have a bad appetite in the morning? What is the reason of loss of appetite and feeling sick when I wake up? Lets’s find out the answers.

You might wake up starving in the early morning, or you might have a less hearty cravings upon waking. If you usually eat breakfast, however, and unexpectedly have a decreased hunger in the morning or if you are suffering from nausea when you wake up, you may have a hidden illness. Any serious and unusual deviation from your regular eating practices ought to be reported to your doctor if it persists.

Causes of Low Appetite in the Morning

Some medications and vitamins can cause a decreased hunger or nausea. If you have recently started taking medication or supplements, especially prior to bed, this might cause your anorexia nervosa. Eating your evening meal later than typical or eating a particularly heavy dinner can also impact how you feel in the early morning. Stress or anxiety may make you feel upset when you awaken. If you are pregnant, early morning illness might make you feel nauseated in the morning. This may be among the first symptoms of pregnancy.

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Serious Health Concerns

Occasionally, an anorexia nervosa in the morning may indicate a more serious health problem. An ulcer, for example, might cause symptoms when your stomach is empty. After sleeping for 8 hours, the acid in your stomach develops and causes pain. One symptom of chronic kidney disease is an anorexia nervosa and vomiting, particularly in the early morning.

loss of appetite and nausea in the morning

Home Treatments

If an anorexia nervosa in the morning is bothering you, attempt eating a few crackers as quickly as you wake up. This might settle any queasiness, and is specifically reliable if you are suffering from early morning illness induced by pregnancy. If you have an ulcer, taking an antacid when you get up may settle your stomach. Talk to your doctor about this. Changing the time of day that you take any prescription medication or vitamin supplements may also help. You may need to increase your calorie intake during the remainder of the day if you are not able to eat first thing in the morning.

Calling the Doctor

If your absence of appetite in the early morning is causing unexpected weight loss, see your doctor to dismiss serious illness, according to iytmed.com. Likewise, call your doctor if you are experiencing other symptoms, such as diarrhea, vomiting, abdominal pain or headaches. Do not change the dosage or timing of prescription medications that you are taking without speaking with your doctor first, as some may be time-sensitive. If you are unable to keep any food down in the morning or if your loss of appetite extends into the rest of the day, ask your doctor for recommendations.


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