How to Prevent Elbow Injuries

The elbow is that part of the arm that should be provided appropriate care. If you hurt your elbow, you can no more use the entire arm to do anything. There are great methods to prevent elbow injuries and these are fairly useful and simple to follow.

Tips How to Prevent Elbow Injuries

  • Do not carry things that are too heavy for you to bring. The weight would put stress to your arms and elbows. Remember to wear protective gear on your elbows or any part of the body when you are doing laborious activities or participating in sports such as roller skating or soccer.
  • Prevent mishaps that would harm your elbows. Don’t stand on moving or unsteady objects. If taken part in sports such as tennis or golf, ask your teacher for correct methods to use your hands and elbows to avoid injury. Get rid of obstacles or clutter along your path and most particularly on the stairs to avoid falls. Bear in mind that a bad fall can injure your elbows. Keep in mind to attach your seatbelt when driving to safeguard your body in case of mishaps.
  • Eat a balanced diet, ideally one that makes your bones strong. Eat more calcium-rich foods like cheese, dark green leafy veggies. Drink milk, yogurt and other milk foods.
elbow injury
how to prevent an elbow injury
  • You might likewise take Vitamin D supplements and Calcium supplements to make your bones stronger. Quit smoking cigarettes and drinking of alcohol.
  • You need to do some elbow exercises prior to doing some activities that would require you to make use of your hands and elbows. Do some extending, flexing and rotating of your arms to flex your muscles. Try to avoid recurring motions or overusing your arms or elbows that can cause injury. Do some routine exercises that would work on your arms and for the rest of your body. You can constantly ask suggestions from a doctor or a health professional. You can reinforce your forearms and elbows by beginning with light weights or dumbbells. You can also use a tennis ball and do some squeezing exercises to reinforce your lower arm.
  • If you are starting to feel some pain on your elbow, put some ice compress to avoid swelling and immediately go to the doctor for appropriate medical treatment.
  • Keep in mind of your sleeping routines. To prevent more injury to your elbow, avoid sleeping with your elbow bent under your head. Avoid sleeping with your hands under your head.
  • Use soft pillows to support your arms while you sleep.
  • While working, avoid leaning on your elbows. Making use of elbow pads on your chair can help your elbows rest more easily.

If you have an injury, avoid additional damage to your elbow using an air splint to secure your elbow from unnecessary motions. Keep it elevated as much as possible. Give it time to recover for a couple of days prior to making use of it once again. Keep in mind to start sluggish with light activities up until your elbow would reach complete recovery.


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  1. Lisette Nasby

    The treatment of elbow pain depends totally on the cause of the problem. Only a few remedies are right for every condition, but could be helpful in your situation.

    Sleep: the treatment that is first many common conditions that cause elbow pain is to sleep the joint, and allow the acute infection to subside. It is necessary, but, to use caution whenever resting the joint, because extended immobilization may cause a joint that is stiff.

    Ice packs and heat pads are on the list of most commonly used remedies for elbow pain.

    Stretching the muscles and tendons that surround the joint can help with some causes of elbow discomfort.

    Real therapy is a significant aspect of remedy for the majority of orthopedic conditions to increase power, regain mobility, and help return pre-injury degree of activity.

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  2. Sidney Blazosky

    Treatment may include stopping or limiting tasks that cause the pain, such as heavy lifting using the palm facing down. Sometimes a band wrapped around the forearm near the elbow is employed to protect the injured muscle tissue as they are repairing. In some cases, the wearing of a wrist splint may be recommended for the exact same purpose.

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