How to Prevent Pubic Hair from Itching

Why Does My Pubic Hair Itch?

If you’ve shaved your pubic area prior to, you understand that it’s really various from shaving your legs and armpits. The hair in the pubic area is thicker and the skin is far more delicate than the skin on your legs.

How to Prevent Pubic Hair from Itching

To prevent ingrown hairs, cuts and razor burn, all which are responsible for irritation and itching, you need to take particular preventative measures that include where you must shave, what products to use, and how to treat your skin during and after you shave.

Step 1
Cut the hair you intend to shave with scissors or clippers, recommends Go Ask Alice, a health suggestions site from Columbia University. This will prevent the razor from clogging.

Step 2
Take a warm shower. Warm water will soften your skin and the hairs. It will also open the hair follicles and pores. Wait up until the end of your shower to shave.

Step 3
Massage the areas you are going to shave with a soft-bristled body brush. The Beauty Brains site explains that prepping the area with a body brush helps loosen ingrown hairs.

Step 4
Use a thick shaving cream. Use a fragrance-free cream or cream given that added fragrances can cause inflammation. Leave the lotion on for a number of minutes prior to shaving. Permitting shaving gel to sit for a few minutes will further soften the hair.

Step 5
Use a men’s razor or a woman’s razor specifically designed for the pubic area. The Beauty Brains site describes that men’s razors are intended to be used for shaving thick hairs and sensitive skin. You still need to exercise severe caution, nevertheless, as some men’s razors have three to 5 blades, and the skin you’ll be shaving is much more delicate.

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How to Prevent Pubic Hair from Itching

Step 6
Stretch your skin out flat as you shave. This will reduce cuts and help you get a closer shave.

Step 7
Pat your skin dry after getting out of the shower. Do not rub your pubic skin dry with a towel. Apply aloe vera gel to the area, according to The Palo Alto Medical Foundation explains that aloe vera soothes sensitive skin and helps reduce pain.

Step 8
Apply 1 percent non-prescription hydrocortisone cream to the area two or three times a day. Hydrocortisone helps relieve itching and inflammation. According to the National Institutes of Health, it also offers temporary relief for redness, inflammation and swelling caused by cleaning agents and soaps.


Do not use ordinary soap to shave your pubic area. Soap can dry your skin and aggravate inflammation.


  • If you buckle down razor burn or frequent ingrown hairs, consider acquiring a bikini shaving package that has a specifically designed razor, unique shave gel, razor oil and a burn soother.
  • Go Ask Alice recommends using a brand-new razor every time you shave this area. A used razor, even one that has just been used once, is most likely to nick and cut skin.

Things You’ll Need

  • Scissors or clippers
  • Soft-bristled body brush
  • Fragrance-free shaving cream
  • Razor
  • Aloe vera
  • Hydrocortison 1 percent cream


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