Stair Stepper for Effective Workout

Stair Stepper

When upon a time, stair steppers were the hottest thing in the fitness center. But their popularity faded along with that of skin-tight workout gear. You’re more likely to see a few steppers scattered in the cardio room instead of full banks of people intensely hustling away on stair steppers. However do not let that heavy coating of dust on the maker fool you; a stair stepper still supplies a good exercise if you use it right.


Gyms supply two primary types of stair steppers. Regular stair steppers have two pedals that either move independently of each other or have reliant foot action, which requires you to press down on one pedal to raise the other one for the next step. Independent foot action offers a more difficult exercise. The other kind of stair stepper, the stepmill, looks like a short escalator. You walk up the stairs as the mini-escalator moves down beneath you.

Muscles Worked

Both type of stair steppers engage the big muscles of your lower body, just like climbing up real stairs. Muscles worked include your glutes, quads, hamstrings and calves. The more muscle fibers you work, the more calories you burn and the more intensely you establish your cardiovascular system. Although steppers don’t provide upper-body exercise alternatives like elliptical fitness instructors do, they still trigger sufficient muscles to provide an exhausting cardiovascular workout.

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As with any exercise equipment, you must use appropriate strategy if you want the complete benefit of your stair stepper exercise. You can keep the side rails or handlebars for balance, however withstand the temptation to lean on them. Carrying your very own body weight makes you work harder, which equates to a better exercise, more calories burned and a greater challenge to your cardiovascular system. Unless you have a specific need to practice taking quick, small steps, use the max series of movement possible on your stair stepper to get a more intense workout.

Other Benefits

If you stand straight while you use a stair stepper, you require the bones, muscles and connective tissue of your feet, legs, hips and lower back to support your body weight. This type of weight-bearing exercise can help slow bone mineral loss. Stair steppers also offer a low-impact exercise, makings the stair stepper much more appealing if you have weak bones or hurt joints.


Stair steppers do provide a good exercise. But if you’re a fan of fast-moving workouts, you might want to consider a various type of device; neither stair steppers nor stepmills provide themselves to working out at a hard run.

If, on the other hand, you have a have to improve at climbing stairs or walking up high hills, either kind of stair stepper makes a perfect training device. Some stair steppers even include fitness test programs for fireman, who must have the ability to climb up stairs while wearing heavy equipment. Mountain climbers also use stair steppers to train, wearing a heavy pack to imitate the physical strain of climbing a long, steep mountain.

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