Lung Cancer Treatment

Lung Cancer Treatment

Lung cancer treatment of non-small and small cell types. You and your doctor select a cancer treatment plan based upon a number of elements, such as your general health, the type and stage of your cancer, and your choices.

Updated: August 14, 2016 — 5:05 am

Mouth Cancer Signs and Symptoms

Mouth (oral) cancer photo

According to the National Institute of Dental Craniofacial Research (NIDCR), over half of those in the U.S. endure from oral cancer after five years. If this condition is captured early enough, the possibilities of successful treatment are high.

Updated: August 5, 2016 — 6:45 am

Pain on Left Side of Belly Button after Eating

pain on left side of belly button after eating

Detecting abdominal pain is difficult due to the wide variety of organs and structures in the abdomen. The reasons for left sided abdominal pain, specifically felt after eating, can usually be identified to the structures on that side of the belly.

Updated: August 7, 2016 — 9:46 am
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