Why Do My Legs Hurt at Night?

When it’s time to go to sleep, having leg pain during the night can make it challenging to rest well. Nighttime leg pain is a common issue for many people, and can cause sleep conditions. During the day, you may not feel as much leg pain because you’re hectic and active, so you might likewise wonder why your leg pain is even worse in the evening. Here are a few conditions that might make your legs hurt more at bedtime.

What Causes Legs Hurt at Night?

While some leg pain happens during or after activity, restless leg syndrome happens when your legs are resting. People with agitated leg syndrome frequently feel experiences of crawling, creeping, hurting, burning, tugging or pulling. Typically, people feel better by moving their legs. Between the agitated leg discomfort and the leg movements to enhance it, sleep disturbances are common.

Currently, there are no recognized cause for restless leg syndrome. However, scientists think that it might be caused by an imbalance of dopamine in the brain. Dopamine assists provide messages to control muscle motions.

While there’s no recognized cause, there are risk factors that make you more prone to developing the condition. These risk factors include heredity, pregnancy and aging. Restless leg syndrome can occur to anyone at any age, but it more frequently occurs as you age. In addition, women are more likely to establish it than men.

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Why Legs Hurt only Nighttime?

Legs cramps in the evening can happen at any time and can be extremely painful. The pain typically begins in the calf, however it may take place in the feet or toes too. These types of leg cramps might wake somebody up from a sound sleep, and may last up to 10 minutes.

To stop nighttime leg cramps, you may have to extend the calf muscle, withstand correct the leg and carefully pull your toes upward. The muscle may feel tight or knotted. Sometimes massaging the calf after the cramp is over may help.

Leg Cramp Causes

  • Sitting for long periods of time
  • Over-use of the muscles
  • Basing on or dealing with concrete floorings
  • Sitting improperly

While living with leg pain that worsens at night is tough, understanding your condition assists you handle your pain, so you get more rest. If you presume leg cramps, agitated leg syndrome or are having difficulty sleeping due to leg pain, call your doctor. You and your doctor will interact to detect and treat your leg pain.

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    It happened to me that I wake up in the middle of the night, when I try to fall asleep again, I have cramps in my left leg and so almost every day! And I started to go for a massage, and now I have no cramps))