Urine Smells Like Onion: Causes and Prevention

Urine naturally has a smell that is unique to everybody. Urine doesn’t typically have a strong smell. You may see that your urine sometimes has a more powerful odor than it usually does. Some people recognize that their urine smells like onion. This isn’t really constantly a cause for concern. Often strong or uncommon smelling urine suggests a hidden medical problem.

What Causes Urine Smells Like Onion?

Can be diet, and so on. This may be due to diet like from consuming vegetables like asparagus, or it can be from a medical condition like diabetes which can trigger a fruity odor in the breath and urine from ketone production. It may also be nonspecific.

Several aspects can change the smell of your urine, such as the consumption of onions, garlic, fish and certain veggies. These kinds of foods have the tendency to increase the smell of urine and give your urine a more nasty or pungent smell than it usually has. Onion odor is one of the bad one.

Other foods such as cranberry juice, yogurt, parsley and buttermilk tend to decrease urine odor. If you have a urostomy, odor may be a great issue for you.

How to Prevent an Onion Smell of Urine

Onions are found in lots of dishes and contributed to hamburgers, salads and other foods that are quick for your lunch break, however you can dilute some of the odor that onions produce in your urine. The significance of controlling urine smell related to onions, garlic, fish and asparagus. Water and cranberry juice can help dilute the smell of urine. Because chemical reactions happen differently in everyone’s bodies, you might have to attempt drinking various amounts of water or cranberry juice to dilute the smell of your urine up until the odor is no longer noticeable or as strong as it once was.

When Do an Onion Smell of Your Urine Need Medical Attention?

It’s possible for the lining of your urethra to end up being irritated, which can trigger an infection known as urethritis. Some foods and beverages can irritate this condition and aggravate symptoms. Symptoms normally include stomach pain, painful urination, burning or itching around the urethra opening, fever, chills, regular urination and blood in urine or semen. Men might likewise experience pus or a white mucus discharge from the opening of the penis. Certain foods, such as onion rings, French fries and other processed foods can cause extra inflammation.


If onion odor of your urine becomes too foul or pungent after consuming onions, you may wish to limit them in your diet. Reduce the amount of onions that you normally have and see if that assists reduce the smell. If it does not appear to help your circumstance, you may need to stop eating them entirely.

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