Clean Catch Urine Sample

A clean catch is an approach of collecting a urine sample to be evaluated. The clean-catch urine technique is used to avoid germs from the penis or vagina from entering a urine sample.

Other names of clean catch urine sample: Urine culture – clean catch; Urinalysis – clean catch; Clean catch urine specimen; Urine collection – clean catch; UTI – clean catch; Urinary tract infection – clean catch; Cystitis – clean catch

How to Get a Clean Catch Urine Specimen

If possible, gather the sample when urine has remained in your bladder for 2 to 3 hours.

You will use an unique kit to collect the urine. It will probably have a cup with a cover and wipes.

Wash your hands with soap and warm water.

In Girls and Women

Girls and women have to wash the area in between the vagina “lips” (labia). You may be offered an unique clean-catch set that contains sterile wipes.

  • Rest on the toilet with your legs spread apart. Use two fingers to spread out open your labia.
  • Use the first clean to clean the inner folds of the labia. Clean from the front to the back.
  • Use a 2nd clean to clean over the opening where urine comes out (urethra), just above the opening of the vaginal area.

To collect clean catch urine sample:

  • Keeping your labia spread out open, urinate a percentage into the toilet bowl, then stop the circulation of urine.
  • Hold the urine cup a few inches (or a few centimeters) from the urethra and urinate till the cup has to do with half complete.
  • You might finish urinating into the toilet bowl.

Urine specimen

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In Boys an Men

Clean the head of the penis with a sterilized wipe. If you are not circumcised, you will need to draw back (retract) the foreskin first.

  • Urinate a percentage into the toilet bowl, and then stop the flow of urine.
  • Then collect a sample of urine into the clean or sterilized cup, till it is half full.
  • You might end up urinating into the toilet bowl.

In Infants

You will be given a special bag to gather the urine. It will be a plastic bag with a sticky strip on one end, made to fit over your baby’s genital area.

If the collection is being taken from an infant, you might need additional collection bags.

Wash the area well with soap and water, and dry. Open and put the bag on your baby.

  • For boys, the entire penis can be placed in the bag.
  • For females, position the bag over the labia.

You can place on a diaper over the bag.

Examine the baby frequently and get rid of the bag after the urine collects in it. Active infants might displace the bag, so you may have to make more than one effort. Drain pipes the urine into the container you were provided and return it to the healthcare company as directed.

After Collecting the Specimen Sample

Screw the lid firmly on the cup. Do not touch the within the cup or the cover.

Return the sample to the supplier.

If you are at home, put the cup in a plastic bag and put the bag in the fridge till you take it to the laboratory or your supplier’s office.


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