What Is RN-BC?


When you see the initials RN-BC after somebody’s name, it means that the individual is a registered nurse who has actually attained board certification in her specialized. Her expert nursing practice might include patient care or another element of nursing. Board-certified signed up nurses can be found in hospitals, nursing houses, physician offices and other places.

Board certification highlights a nurse’s devotion to her specialized.

Registered Nursing

Registered nurses have completed a program in expert nursing that includes both class and medical guideline. Nurses are taught basic medical details in all specializeds, from obstetrics to psychiatry. Many graduate from a 2-year program with a partner’s degree, a 4-year program with a bachelor’s degree or a 3-year program with a diploma. After graduation, they take a test called the NCLEX-RN, to determine that they are all set to be nurses. Their state board of nursing considers their credentials and awards them a registered nursing license if they satisfy all the requirements.

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Types of Board Certification

Inning accordance with the American Nurses Credentialing Center, registered nurses might end up being licensed in the following nursing specializeds: psychiatric-mental health, ambulatory, pain management, cardiac-vascular, pediatric, community health, case management, expert advancement and informatics. Registered nurses may likewise hold board certification in a specialty that has actually been retired. The American Nurses Credentialing Center, which grants the RN-BC classification, is a subsidiary of the American Nurses Association.

Board Certification Eligibility

Eligibility requirements vary, but normally consist of 2 years of experience as a Registered Nurse, 2,000 hours operating in the specialized and 30 hours of continuing education. A charge must be paid and a test of approximately 175 questions taken and passed. Board-certified nurses must restore their certification every 5 years. Requirements for renewal consist of continued practice in the specialty, continuing education and/or retesting; there is a renewal charge. Just nurses who preserve present eligibility and renewal may use the title RN-BC.


Board-certified registered nurses stand apart from their peers. They might enjoy an increased per hour wage, a leg up at task interviews and career opportunities not offered to non-certified nurses. Board certification also assists nurses develop trust with their patients, regard from physicians and honor among their peers.

How to Begin

To get an RN-BC after your name, pick a registered nursing school and make an application for admission. During nursing school, you will be exposed to many different specialties, a few of which you will no doubt enjoy more than others. As soon as accredited, start working in your preferred specialized and get board certification as quickly as you are eligible.

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