Arms Feel Heavy and Weak

Weakness in arms

Have you ever questioned, “Why do your arms feel heavy and weak?” Weakness and fatigue are terms that are often used as if they imply the same thing. But in reality they describe two various sensations. It is essential to know exactly what you indicate when you state “I feel my arms weak” or “My arms too heavy to move” due to the fact that it can help you and your doctor limit the possible causes of your symptoms.

Why Do You Feel Your Arms Heavy and Weak

  • Weakness is an absence of physical or muscle strength and the feeling that extra effort is required to move your arms, legs, or other muscles. If muscle weakness is the result of pain, the individual may be able to make muscles work, but it will hurt.
  • Fatigue is a feeling of tiredness or fatigue or a need to rest due to the fact that of absence of energy or strength. Tiredness may result from overwork, poor sleep, worry, dullness, or absence of exercise. It is a symptom that may be caused by health problem, medicine, or medical treatment such as chemotherapy. Anxiety or depression can also cause fatigue.

Both weakness and tiredness are symptoms, not illness. Because these symptoms can be caused by numerous other health problems, the significance of weakness and tiredness can be figured out just when other symptoms are examined.

General weakness in arms typically takes place after you have done too much activity at one time, such as by taking an extra-long exercises. You may feel weak and worn out, or your muscles may ache. These sensations normally go away within a few days.

heaviness in arms

If you feel your arms heavy and week you ought to seek advice from a neurologist and get MRI done. It might be numerous causes for the muscle weakness such as degenerative spinal column changes, TIA, stroke, neuropathy, nerve compression, etc.

In uncommon cases, generalized muscle weakness might be caused by another health issue, such as:

  • A problem with the minerals (electrolytes) discovered naturally in the body, such as low levels of potassium or sodium.
  • Infections, such as a urinary tract infection or a respiratory infection.
  • Problems with the thyroid gland, which regulates the method the body uses energy.
  • A low thyroid level (hypothyroidism) can cause tiredness, weakness, lethargy, weight gain, depression, memory problems, constipation, dry skin, intolerance to cold, coarse and thinning hair, brittle nails, or a yellow-colored tint to the skin.
  • A high thyroid level (hyperthyroidism) can cause fatigue, weight loss, increased heart rate, intolerance to heat, sweating, irritability, anxiety, muscle weakness, and thyroid enlargement.
  • Guillain-Barré syndrome, an uncommon nerve condition that causes weakness in the legs, arms, and other muscles which can progress to finish paralysis.
  • Myasthenia gravis, an uncommon, chronic disorder that causes weakness and fast muscle tiredness.

Arm muscles weakness that is slowly getting worse requires a see to a doctor.

Abrupt muscle weakness and loss of function in one area of the body can indicate a major issue within the brain (such as a stroke or short-term ischemic attack) or spinal cord camera.gif or with a specific nerve in the body.

What Other Say

  • So that was good, but ever since I’ve had three or four more episodes of unexpected arm weakness– once again, both arms at the same time. One time I was pushing the baby’s stroller up a small slope, but the other times I was basically not doing anything– once at my desk and when getting dressed. And maybe it’s my creativity, but my arms seem to be getting a little weaker in general. I’ve discovered it while cutting the lawn.
    Of course I looked up this symptom on the Internet. I discovered a bunch of posts by people who reported the precise same thing, but the frustrating thing is that regardless of all sorts of tests none appear to have gotten a diagnosis.
  • Strange since I have had a couple episodes that were similar. It occurred during the night and I felt a weird, weak sensation in my arms and although I could raise them, it took additional effort and I felt like I did not have normal control. I never did anything about it because I was all right in the morning.
    What concerns me is that a good friend of mine had this sensation as if her arms were extremely heavy and she couldn’t raise them. Her sis proded her into seeing a doctor. The doctor called an ambulance right away and sent her to the Emergency Room. She ended up having a stent put in her heart. Years before she had had breast cancer and got very aggressive chemo along with a mastectomy. She was alerted that the chemo could harm her heart, but she was separated and raising two children alone and decided the most vital thing was to stay alive enough time to raise her boys. She now is 67 and has four grandchildren. The heavy arms in addition to a general tiredness were symptoms of an imminent cardiovascular disease. I believe her sis had simply seen a television show that mentioned this as an indication of a cardiac arrest in women.

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  1. I have been to several doctors and always mention weakness & fatigue arm are always feel tire & heavy but never address. I’ve been diagnosed with several Fibromyalgia, Ostheo Arthritis & other itises. I do not know which ologist I should go to. Rheumatologist, Neurologist, Internist physiatrist, Pain specialist ets. taking a lot of meds.

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