Baby Oil for Hair Growth

Baby oil is essentially mineral oil with fragrance. Is it good for hair?

One of the fantastic features of baby oil is that adults can use it, likewise. It consists of no harsh chemicals so it is gentle on the skin and the hair. In addition to being low-cost, baby oil is an excellent moisturizer that softens the hair and makes it shine. Baby oil can likewise assist to grow hair longer and much faster.

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Active Ingredients of Baby Oil

Baby oil is made from various components depending upon which brand you buy. The majority of industrial baby oil has mineral oil as its primary active ingredient. This consists of the popular Johnson’s Baby Oil. Even the Johnson’s Baby Oil Lavender just has the fragrance of lavender however no lavender oil. For other baby oils the main component is an essential oil like lavender or rose. Many baby oils that have mineral oil as its primary ingredients likewise consist of essential oils or other natural substances. Aloe Vera is popular as is Jojoba Oil, Vitamin E Oil, and Almond Oil. Read the label for the list of active ingredients when purchasing baby oil.

How Baby Oil Works

The hair is made of keratin, a type of protein and for most people the hair just grows one-half inch a month. But given that the hair strand is dead you can only make it look much better. The follicle or hair root lives and good nutrition and a healthy diet can assist in growing hair long. However baby oil can help you to keep the hair you have and in time your hair will be longer due to the fact that you have taken care of it. As soon as the hair leaves the roots you can keep it from becoming dry and brittle and breaking off by using baby oil. Add a cent sixe to your palm and carefully distribute everything over your hair. This is best for people with dry or normal hair. The oil hydrates the hair shaft which considerably minimizes breakage. Another use of baby oil is as a scalp massage oil. Gently rubbing in a smidgen of baby oil promotes the scalp and increases blood circulation. This brings nutrient-rich blood to the follicles and this increases growth. Rubbing also increases the production of the natural oils of the scalp which is excellent if you have dry hair. The baby oil or natural oils move down the hair strand to the ends of the hair where the oil is most required. Including baby oil simply to the ends likewise assists to minimize split ends which can rise up the hair strand and cause breakage.

For Those With Oily Hair

While baby oil will not harm your hair at all, if you already have oily hair adding more oil might make a greasy mess that is more difficult to rinse. If you have really oil hair using baby oil just on the ends of your hair is a wise relocation. In this manner you can secure your ends from damage without weighing your hair down with more oil.

Alternative Opinion (from Practice)

  • I have actually never become aware of this method to make your hair grow quicker, not even sure it would do anything aside from leave your hair pretty greasy.
  • No, no petroleum direvarive well help you grow your hair. To grow hair faster aireate and keep scalp clean. Oil will hinder that. The roots of your hair are what’s alive. Feed them to make hair grow. Non-Organic oil obstructs oxygen. Oxygen helps your hair grow. Blood feeds oxygen and nutrients from within. Include vitamins and comb down to the roots to get the air flowing on the outside.
  • I’m unsure about baby oil, but caster oil apparently works wonders! For eyebrows and eyelashes too. Also turning hair upside down and rubbing the scalp with/or without oil stimulates quickly hair development.
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