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constant back rib pain

The ribs are attached to the spine in the back by a number of soft tissue attachments. Pain from the ribs can often be analyzed as back pain even though the source is the ribs. Pain in the back along the ribs can be avoided by understanding the possible causative conditions. Some easy exercises and acupuncture can assist to relieve the pain.

Symptoms of Back Rib Pain


Rib pain is not isolated to any certain age group or population cohort. A range of kinds of pain can result from the ribs. Some describe the pain as tearing, ripping, stabbing, lancinating, hurting, discomfort, tenderness or gnawing in character. The intensity of the pain does not always indicate the cause and mild pain can be significant. On the other side, significant pain can be from minor irritation of muscles or nerves in the chest wall or back.

Medical diagnosis

Identifying the accurate cause of rib pain requires a skilled medical examination. It is essential to identify if the pain is developing from a rib or another structure in the chest, abdomen or back. Both a cardiac arrest and collapsed lung (pneumothorax) can lead to rib pain, chest pain and back pain. Unusual sudden pain needs instant medical examination and 911 must be gotten in touch with without delay. Signs such as squashing chest pain, shortness of breath or a sense of impending doom typically signify a major and deadly procedure is happening.

Rib pain often feels in following situations:

  • during pregnancy / in early pregnancy
  • after pregnancy
  • on both sides
  • on left side
  • at night
  • from/after coughing
  • after fall
  • after eating
  • when scoliosis
  • when breathing
  • on right side
  • while sleeping
  • after sleeping
  • after exercise
  • after c section
  • when asthma
  • comes with shortness of breath
  • etc

Causes of Back Rib Pain

1. Muscle Strain

Muscles of the chest wall, including the intercostals (between ribs), can be easily strained. Easy acts of moving object can trigger instant or postponed pain. Symptoms can be felt as an ache or acute pain when moving or twisting. A single occasion or recurring use can strain muscles.

2. Fracture

Rib fractures cause a nagging pain that may last 6 weeks or more. Fractures usually take place due to an injury or blow to the chest. A single rib fracture hurts enough, however numerous rib fractures can harm the ability to breathe. Compression fractures of the spinal column can likewise lead to back rib pain and arise from a fall, old age and osteoporosis.

back rib pain shortness of breath

3. Cartilage Inflammation

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The ribs are connected to the sternum (breastbone) by a row of cartilage. This cartilage can end up being irritated from overuse or illness. The medical term is costochondritis or Tietze’s syndrome. This condition can occur in any age group, but older patients have to have a medical examination to omit a more serious cause. The pain can be sharp and extreme. Treatment is straightforward and geared towards alleviating inflammation by using OTC non-steroidal medications, applying ice and modifying exercise.

4. Rib Subluxation or Vertebral Subluxation

When the bones of the spinal column (vertebrae) become misaligned pain can develop. Medical professionals call this subluxation and it can be treated with rest, physical treatment or chiropractic care. The ribs can also become misaligned impairing movement, breathing and triggering pain in the back and chest. Periodically a subluxated rib will rearrange itself and resolve the problem.

5. More Serious Causes

A cardiovascular disease or tearing of the large capillary on top of the heart (aorta) can lead to back, chest or rib pain. Blood clots can form in the lung and trigger unpleasant breathing that is felt as rib pain. Inflammation of the gallbladder can cause pain in the back, rib pain and pain that radiates to the back shoulder. Any of these causes can be serious and harmful and require immediate emergency situation care.

6. Other Causes

Shingles is an uncomfortable rash relevant to a prior varicella (chickenpox) infection. In this condition a blistery painful rash will appear in a strip along the chest wall or back on just one side. The pain can be intense and might last well beyond the resolution of the rash. If captured in time, a doctor can recommend medication to speed the resolution of the rash and painful symptoms.

Relief for Back Rib Pain

For rib pain relief, view this video and find out some easy self-care methods. Myofascial release is an efficient strategy to relieve rib pain.

For pain in the back follow this exceptional acupressure method. These basic yet effective self-care techniques will provide a release of your body’s natural endorphins and experience pain relief immediately.

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