Rib Pain After C-Section

After a routine cesarean section, anticipate to be monitored closely for the next 24 hours to make sure that you do not establish any problems. You will receive pain medication and will likely be motivated to start walking brief ranges within 24 hours of surgery. Walking can help ease gas accumulation in the abdominal area. It is usually extremely uncomfortable to start walking, however the pain will decrease in the days after the delivery.

Is Rib Pain After C-Section Normal?

What do other women say about their experience of rib pain after C-section surgery.

Gas-X solution for rib pain

It got so bad that I could hardly walk or get up from standing/laying. We went to the ER in the middle of the night and they did ultrasounds on my stomach and ribs (hurt so bad for them to hardly touch those areas I would scream out in pain!). Turned out to be a big quantity of air/gas that got caught inside of my from when I was opened up for my c-section. It truly does sound insane to think gas can cause all this however I know first hand how painful it can be. I began taking Gas-X and it immediately started working to eliminate the pain. I will be taking Gas-X to the health center with me for my next c-section in hopes of preventing it from getting that bad next time.

rib pain after c section

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Just use pain killer…

According to my doctor … no huge offer. Take pain reliever if needed … it might be from over compensating on my left side due to the fact that of the pain from my c-section (which was mostly on the right side where the doctor was standing.)

Expert: rib pain after c-section caused by subluxated rib

You could be struggling with a condition referred to as a subluxated rib (likewise called a’ slipping rib syndrome’). This is a condition where the lowermost rib slips under the upper rib due to pressure – by the head f the baby or an enlarged uterus in your case. Pain in this case would radiate both to the front as well as the sides of the body. You would also feel the pain when you bend over. You need to get an X-ray as well as an examination by an orthopedic (bone) professional for an accurate diagnosis. Other causes of pain in this region might be problems from the liver, gallbladder and pancrease but I assume that blood tests and MRI scan have been done to rule those out.


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