Body Cream vs. Body Lotion

It’s said that oil and water don’t blend, however when it comes to understanding the distinctions in between body cream and body lotion, the mix of oil and water is the most important part. Each type of moisturizer had its own unique structure and its own unique set of benefits.


Body cream and body lotion are both used to avoid dry, broken skin and keep it flexible and moisturized. Creams and lotions contain both an oily agent, or phase, and a watery representative. Both help replenish oil in the skin and protect versus loss of wetness.

About Body Cream

Body cream is heavier and contains a greater viscosity, or sticky mixture of water and oil. Creams permeate the skin and offer a barrier that prevents more moisture loss from the skin than lotion.

Body cream benefits

Creams, however, have the tendency to feel greasier. A pharmaceutical or dermatology cream is normally an even mixture of 50 percent oil and 50 percent water. However, the ratio of water and oil in cosmetic cream and lotion varies and is also impacted by other active ingredients, such as paraffin. Because body lotion is thicker, it is typically sold in a tub or jar container.

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About Body Lotion

Body lotions are not as sticky and are quicker taken in by the skin since they have a lower viscosity than body creams. This form of moisturizer generally has a greater water content, can be found in a bottle and can be put out in a liquid kind, according to

Body lotion benefits

Lotion is good for skin that is not excessively dry or when it is more effective not to have a sticky, oily feeling on the skin.


Use heavy or thick body creams on your hands, feet and legs where the skin has the tendency to be dry. Heavy oil-based creams should not be used on your face unless you have extreme dryness.


The Cleveland Clinic suggests using lighter coverage body lotions during the summertime and heavier body creams during the winter when humidity is lower and moisture is depleted from the skin.

What other say

  • Annie: The lotions are lighter, the creams are more moisturizing. I have truly dry skin so I do not even bother buying lotions any longer, if it can be pumped out, it’s not going to work for me … too thin … only creams/butters for me. A person with normal skin might use the cream and they would just use less of it.
  • Monica: Lotions are definitely thicker and more moisturizing than creams, but I prefer lotions (especially in the summertime). Aside from my oily face, my skin has the tendency to be fairly typical in the summer and a bit dry in the winter. I am very heat intolerant and sweat greatly in the heat or when I exercise, so my skin needs to have the ability to breathe. Some creams are so thick that I seem like I’m suffocating.
  • Nadia: Body creams are more nourishing/moisturizing compared to body lotions. I choose creams and even body butters since of my dry skin. But in the summertime, lotions are ample.
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