Brainerd Diarrhea

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Brainerd Diarrhea is a fairly self restricting pathological condition which is characterized by explosive watery diarrhea, which might go beyond approximately 20 times a day and tends to last for more than a month or more. It tends to take place sporadically, but there have actually been numerous cases of a break out of it in numerous counties across United States. People with Brainerd Diarrhea likewise tend to have bowel seriousness frequently with fecal incontinence.

A few of the other features of Brainerd Diarrhea are gas, mild abdominal cramping, and lethargy. It is exceptionally uncommon for an individual to have systemic signs of illness like fever, nausea or vomiting apart from some minor weight-loss in cases of Brainerd Diarrhea.


When the first break out of Brainerd Diarrhea occurred it was thought to have been caused by consuming raw or unpasteurized milk. Additionally, polluted well water has likewise been linked in some other break outs of it in other counties in the United States.

Brainerd Diarrhea is not a contagious disease and does not spread from individual to private by any ways of contact. Other than this, in spite of extensive research study to look for a bacterial, viral, or fungal pathogen as a cause of it, they have actually not been successful.

Some research studies recommend a chemical toxin to be the causative agent however a particular toxin has actually still not been discovered that has the possible to cause Brainerd Diarrhea.


As the exact causative representative for the advancement of Brainerd Diarrhea is not yet understood thus there is no specific test to confirmatively detect Brainerd Diarrhea.

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This condition is thought in a person who provide with a history of over four weeks of explosive blood diarrhea with lethargy and fecal incontinence who has a history of being exposed to well water or unpasteurized milk in the recent past.

A lab test done on such people will result in a negative stool culture. It is essential here to keep in mind that physician have the tendency to eliminate other conditions causing the exact same symptoms whether it is infectious or noninfectious causes.

When all other conditions have actually been ruled out and the laboratory tests and other investigations are unfavorable then based upon the individual’s history of direct exposure to well water and unpasteurized milk, a diagnosis can be made from it.

How Is Brainerd Diarrhea Treated?

Currently, there is no definitive treatment for Brainerd Diarrhea. Many antimicrobic representatives like ciprofloxacin, doxycycline, and ampicillin have been tried with little success in patients with Brainerd Diarrhea.

Anti-inflammatory agents have likewise been shown to be unsuccessful in supplying any sort of relief from it. Some people have reported some relief with medications like loperamide although such cases have been scarce.

Brainerd Diarrhea is a condition which goes method by itself however it takes an individual more than a year to completely normalize. During this one year the patient may have waxing and subsiding symptoms.

It takes up to a maximum of three years for a private to entirely eliminate Brainerd Diarrhea. There have been no cases of a specific relapsing and getting the symptoms once again, once they have entirely resolved of Brainerd Diarrhea.

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