Cannot Move Arm Above Shoulder

A concern with the rotator cuff muscles is the most typical reason you might not be able to lift your arm.

The rotator cuff are a series of 4 muscles that are deep to or below your triangular muscle. Jointly they manage your shoulder motion and are seriously essential to the correct performance of the shoulder.

Causes Why Cannot Move Arm Above Shoulder

If the rotator cuff is injured, strained or torn, you may discover that you are unable to raise your arm. Common rotator cuff problems that hurt when we raise our arm include:

  • rotator cuff tendonitis
  • rotator cuff tendinosis
  • rotator cuff tears
  • calcific tendonitis
  • adhesive capsulitis or a frozen shoulder (can’t move arm)

The cause of your shoulder pain and the reason why it hurts will differ by age. Some problems are more common in different age.

In individuals under 30 years of age, including children, the most common cause of shoulder pain is because of rotator cuff tendonitis. This merely suggests that the rotator cuff is inflamed from performing too much activity. In teens, rotator cuff tendonitis can likewise co-exist with instability concerns where the shoulder is aiming to move out of place. Instability is most commonly seen in children involved in overhead sports. Addressing the underlying instability concern with physical therapy or on occasion, with surgery will resolve the rotator cuff concern.

In people over 30 rotator cuff tendonitis is really rare and rotator cuff tendinosis begins to end up being the most typical reason that would cause us to be unable to raise or move our arm above shoulder.

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cannot move arm above shoulder

Rotator cuff tendinosis, by meaning implies some degree of rotator cuff degeneration. With that degeneration is available in increase in the numbers of nerves and blood vessels. That is the bodies reaction to the degeneration. That is why the pain occurs. Too many nerves in the area produces pain with certain motion. If the pain is severe enough you will be unable to raise your arm or unable to sleep on that side. These posts here, here, and here go into far more information about rotator cuff tendinosis.

A few of you are reading this because you fell on your shoulder and now you can stagnate your arm. In acute traumatic scenarios like this there is an opportunity that you tore the rotator cuff from the bone. If adequate of the rotator cuff has actually torn then it will be difficult to be able to move your arm due to severe weakness. The treatment of rotator cuff tears depends upon the cause of the rotator cuff tear.

Calcific tendonitis of the rotator cuff can be a VERY painful entity. You are typically really simple to identify in the office given that the pain can at times be really significant. In this situation calcium crystals deposit inside the tendon itself, according to That causes a considerable increase in the number of nerves in that area, which causes severe pain. Thankfully, an ultrasound guided injection lead to relief in the majority of cases. Surgery is very seldom required for calcific tendonitis.

Adhesive capsulitis or a frozen shoulder is a very common cause of loss of motion of the shoulder. In this circumstance the ligaments and capsule around the shoulder ended up being very tight and very irritated. The diagnosis is easy making … given that the meaning is loss of motion compared with the other shoulder. The treatment is typically physical therapy. On occasion we may advise an injection directly into the shoulder to lessen the inflammation.

There are lots of reasons that you might discover it painful to raise your arm, or impossible to raise your arm. The rotator cuff is the most likely cause of the issue. Hopefully this post and the links provided help you in determining why you can’t raise your arm.


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