Torn Rotator Cuff Hurts at Night

Shoulder pain at night is a very common issue. If you have night pain because of your shoulder you understand how disruptive it can be! Your Shoulder associated night pain is usually since of a concern with your rotator cuff. It is a procedure we call rotator cuff tendinosis. No matter which side you try to sleep on, your shoulder pain wakes you up. Eventually, this will start to substantially influence your lifestyle and your psychological well being.

Why Does My Shoulder (Torn Rotator Cuff) Hurt At Night?

The most typical cause of night pain in the shoulder is the rotator cuff. The most typical reason for rotator cuff pain is a procedure we call rotator cuff tendinosis. This indicates that your rotator cuff is starting to break and degenerate. If the rotator cuff begins to degenerate enough it might start to tear– what we call a partial rotator cuff tear. That can irritate or inflame the bursa remaining on the rotator cuff. It may injure with particular activities too … but it is the night pain that generally makes you call our workplace. We do not in fact understand why it harms more at night … but when I see a worn out, beaten down individual in my workplace I know they will start talking about their shoulder in short order.

What is the Treatment For Rotator Cuff Tendinosis

Many people with night pain from rotator cuff tendinosis will respond to:

  • Initially oversleeping a reclining chair.
  • Physical therapy to address the rotator cuff
  • A compression sleeve
  • Anti-inflammatories: Tart Cherry Juice, Advil, alleve, and so on
  • Injections: this will reduce the inflammation.
  • Time.

torn rotator cuff symptoms and treatment

I Tried Therapy and My Shoulder Still Hurts At Night

A little percentage of people will not react to non-surgical treatment. I find that individuals with severe night pain are normally ready to have surgery quicker than many people without night pain. They are unpleasant … as are those who live with them. Many people will try Tart Cherry Juice … it is a natural, strong, anti-inflammatory, and can help with sleep too.

Research has actually shown that surgery on your rotator cuff to repair a tear, or to reverse tendinosis can dramatically improve or eliminate your night pain.

Sleep disruption prevails in patients going through rotator cuff repair work. After surgery, sleep disruption improves to levels comparable with those of the public. Preoperative and prolonged postoperative use of narcotic pain medication adversely influences sleep.

Of all the choices we have available to offer you, one of the most appealing is a technology where we can provide a small patch into the shoulder during a shoulder arthroscopy (minimally invasive). Using an electronic camera and other instruments we place the patch over the area of degeneration or tearing. Then biology takes over. The patch becomes taken in into your tendon and “induces” the tear to recover. Prior to we place the spot, we will also clear away and inflamed bursa too. Getting rid of the swollen bursa will reduce your discomfort. Reversing or healing the tendinosis and partial tear will provide you a likelihood of not needing to deal with this again in the future.

Only a few cosmetic surgeons are presently utilizing this innovation … but that is changing rapidly. Do not hesitate to come in and see us if night pain is managing your life.


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