Shoulder Surgery: Recovery Tips

Knowing what to expect and making preparations ahead of time can assist your shoulder surgery recovery proceed efficiently.

Necessary Recovery Tips after Shoulder Surgery

After overall shoulder replacement surgery, you are required to use a sling for as much as four weeks. You will likely be able to come out of the sling during physical therapy after two weeks. Most patients return to normal mobility after a month. Nevertheless, numerous ignore the lifestyle changes they should make prior to entering the operation room. You need to make certain safety modifications to your home and regular to get ready for your recovery and rehabilitation.

Post-Operative Shoulder Recovery at Home

A few modifications to your home can make a world of difference during recovery. Prior to your shoulder surgery date, plan and prepare your meals for the next a number of weeks. Shop the meals in containers or sandwich bags and place them in the refrigerator or freezer for simple reheating. You might likewise wish to stockpile on easy-to-handle, ready-to-eat foods such as salad greens, bread, cereal, nuts and deli meats.

Practice bathing and brushing your teeth with your uninjured arm. An electric tooth brush may assist. If your shower does not have one already, think about setting up a grab bar to minimize the risk of slip-and-fall injuries. You will likewise want to make all commonly used products, like cups and toothpaste, easily available. Keep easy-to-wear clothes and devices such as t-shirts, sweatpants and slip-on shoes at the front of your wardrobe. Extreme reaching, bending or straining might delay your recovery.

Post-Operative Care for You Shoulder

While your sling after your overall shoulder replacement surgery does provide support, sitting and sleeping may be unpleasant or painful. If sleeping on a bed is painful, attempt using a reclining sofa or chair. Rest your arm on a cushion or pillow while reading, eating or performing other seated activities.

Watch on your shoulder cut throughout your recovery. If you observe swelling, draining, soreness or pain, or if you develop a fever, call your doctor immediately. Some small bleeding is normal. Otherwise, keep your injury far from dirt, debris and wetness, consisting of baths.

Modification your dressing as instructed till your stitches are removed, which usually takes place one week after surgery. After removing your stitches, your doctor might permit you to wash the injury. Do not take long showers or soak the wound in a bath. Make certain to completely dry the injury after you shower.

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shoulder surgery recovery time
shoulder surgery recovery time

Your doctor will provide certain shoulder surgery recovery guidelines that you need to follow to the letter. He might prescribe medication to prevent blood clots. He might also prescribe pain relievers and/or anti-inflammatory medicine. Use these drugs as instructed, and just when essential.

Physical Therapy and Exercise after Shoulder Surgery

Physical therapy is maybe the most important element of your recovery. Your doctor or therapist will offer you with regular exercises to carry out. Follow these movements carefully, and do not overexert your stamina. Pause if you end up being fatigued or sore because your muscles need ample time to recuperate and adjust.

After your first follow-up consultation, the doctor may modify your routine based upon your progress.

You might experience tightness, bruising and swelling of your arm and hand. These symptoms are regular and originate from the recovery procedure in your shoulder.

Your doctor will likely advise you to flex and straighten your elbow, gently clinch and unclench your fist, and carry out mild pendulum motions frequently to assist in blood flow and improve convenience.

Resuming Your Life

At the six-week mark, your doctor will identify whether you can return to work and resume athletic activities. If your typical routine involves heavy strain or intense movement, you may require additional physical therapy sessions prior to your shoulder is ready.

With individualized care and adaptive medication, the surgeons at Arkansas Surgical Health center are committed to looking after you and your household every step of the way.


Use our orthopedic surgeons’ useful tips and tricks to make sure that your shoulder surgery recovery progresses quickly and with minimal discomfort.


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