Torn Meniscus Surgery Recovery Time

Torn Meniscus Surgery

Surgery to fix a torn meniscus includes rehabilitation, although it differs depending upon the injury, the type of surgery, and your orthopedist’s choice. In basic, meniscus surgery is followed by a period of rest, walking, and selected exercises.

Treatment for a meniscus tear will depend on its size, what kind it is, and where it’s located within the cartilage. More than likely, your doctor will recommend that you rest, use pain relievers, and apply ice to you knee to keep the swelling down. He may likewise recommend physical therapy. This will assist to enhance the muscles around your knee and keep it steady.

Torn Meniscus Surgery Recovery Time

Every recovery is different and depends on lots of things. But here are some normal times for going back to activities.

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Time needed to return to activities after torn meniscus surgery
Activity Uncomplicated meniscectomy Meniscus repair surgery
Bear weight (put weight on your knee while standing or walking) Right away, as tolerated Right away, but only with a brace
Walk without crutches 2 to 7 days 4 to 6 weeks
Drive, if the affected leg is to be used for gas and brake or for clutch 1 to 2 weeks, if:
  • You have regained motion with minimal pain.
  • You are not taking narcotics.
4 to 6 weeks
Regain full range of motion 1 to 2 weeks Bending is typically restricted to not more than 90 degrees for first 4 to 6 weeks to allow the meniscus to heal.
Return to heavy work or sports 4 to 6 weeks, if
  • You have regained motion and strength.
  • Your knee is not swollen or painful.
3 to 6 months
 You may have to use a brace or cast to keep your knee stable. You’ll likely likewise need to use crutches for at least a month to keep weight off your knee.Your doctor might suggest physical therapy as part of your recovery. It’ll assist increase your range of movement and help your knee get more powerful. He might likewise share some exercises you can do at home.

If you have a partial or total meniscectomy, you can expect your recovery to take about a month. If your meniscus was repaired, it might take as long as 3 months.

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