Lump in Armpit
A swelling under armpits normally implies that a lymph node under arms has swollen or bigger. As part of lymphatic system Lymph nodes are responsible for
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Otitis Media
Acute otitis media (AOM) is a painful type of ear infection. It occurs when the area behind the eardrum called the middle ear becomes inflamed and infected.
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Test & Procedures
Stool C Difficile Toxin Test
The stool C difficile toxin test detects damaging substances produced by the bacterium Clostridium difficile (C difficile). This infection is a common
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Women's Health
Cottage Cheese Discharge: Causes and Remedies
Vaginal discharge is a typical occurrence in women, and most of the times, is healthy. This typically indicates your vagina is working properly.
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Diaper Rash SymptomsSkin problems
Diaper Rash
A diaper rash is a skin problem that develops in the area under an infant’s diaper. Most common alternative names for Diaper Rash are Dermatitis –
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Chills and FeverMiscellaneous
Chills and Fever
Chills (rigors; shivering) describes feeling cold after remaining in a cold environment. The word can likewise refer to an episode of shivering together
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Lymph NodesInfection
Infected Lymph Nodes
Lymphadenitis (lymph node infection, lymph gland infection, localized lymphadenopathy) is an infection of the lymph nodes (likewise called lymph glands).
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tongue infectionOral Health
Tongue Color Definition and Tongue Infection
Though often hailed as “the strongest muscle in the body,” the tongue is made up of a group of muscles that permit us to taste food, swallow, and talk.
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Test & Procedures
Group B Streptococcus Screening during Pregnancy
What Is Group B Streptococcus? Group B strep (GBS) is a sort of bacteria that lots of people harbor in their digestive tract systems. The bacteria might
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Flu Shot When Sick
A flu shot can help keep you healthy in the flu season, but the question is, “can you get a flu shot when sick?” Discover the answer and clear
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Best OTC Antifungal Cream
Antifungal creams are used to treat a range of ailments including jock itch, athlete’s foot, yeast infections, and finger and toenail infection.
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Swollen Tonsil on One Side
The lymph nodes at the back of the throat are known as the tonsils. They are associated with taking on infections getting in the body through the nose and mouth.
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