Arm Wrestling Muscles Exercises

The arm wrestling match. It’s one of the manly feats of strength that every man will face a minimum of once in his life. You never know when you’ll be challenged to display your manly strength, so you need to be prepared to put your elbow on the table at any time. Contrary to common […]

Updated: March 25, 2017 — 1:52 pm

Disease Prevention in Older Adults

With age comes an ever-greater concern for one’s health. In spite of older adults delighting in longer and more fulfilling life expectancy, they remain at a higher risk of contracting disease due to a number of elements. These aspects consist of a weakened body immune system, reduction in overall activity and use of medications that […]

Updated: March 24, 2017 — 7:05 am

Graves’ (Thyroid) Disease in Older Adults

What do the following patients over the age of 60 years have in common? A 72 year old woman with “fluttering of the heart” and unclear chest discomfort on climbing stairs An 80 years of age man with severe constipation who drops off to sleep typically A 65 years of age female who has actually lost strength in her legs, […]

Updated: March 23, 2017 — 2:08 pm

How Long Does Sperm Live Outside the Body?

There are anywhere from 100 to 600 million sperm in every teaspoon of semen. You require just one to make it to the right location — the right fallopian tube — at the proper time — after ovulation — to create a brand-new life.

Updated: March 20, 2017 — 11:23 am

Anxiety and Muscle Weakness

Muscle weak point anxiety symptoms descriptions: A muscle or group of muscles feel unusually weak, rubbery, odd. Some people describe this symptom as that their muscles feel wobbly, numb, unsteady, and/or tired. Others explain their muscles as sensation like they won’t work right. Others describe this symptom as that they do not have confidence in […]

Updated: March 20, 2017 — 10:54 am

What Are the Benefits of Vitamin E

Vitamin E is a fat-soluble vitamin, which plays a role as an anti-oxidant in the body. It likewise assists to avoid free extreme damage to specific fats in the body that are crucial for your health. Vitamin E is an essential vitamin that is needed for the correct function of many organs in the body […]

Updated: March 18, 2017 — 2:56 pm

What Are the Benefits of Magnesium

Magnesium’s benefits can consist of lowered symptoms from conditions such as chronic pain, tiredness and sleeping disorders. Magnesium might also offer defense from a number of chronic illness, particularly those related to aging and stress.

Updated: March 18, 2017 — 11:19 am

What Are the Health Benefits of Zinc

Zinc (Zn) is a transition metal belonging to group 12 of the table of elements. As an “necessary trace element” zinc has substantial biological significance for plants and animals. Zinc is accountable for a variety of different functions in the body and it helps stimulate the activity of 100 various enzymes.

Updated: March 17, 2017 — 8:18 pm

Folic Acid Function in Human Body

Vitamin B9, likewise called folate or folic acid, is among 8 B vitamins. All B vitamins assist the body convert food (carbs) into fuel (glucose), which is used to produce energy. These B vitamins, often referred to as B-complex vitamins, also help the body use fats and protein. B-complex vitamins are needed for a healthy […]

Updated: March 14, 2017 — 4:01 pm

Uric Acid Function in Human Body

Urate is a final product of purine catabolism and a typical antioxidant in human serum, so to the degree that one believes that antioxidants may have beneficial impacts by scavenging radical oxygen species, one may believe that uric acid could have some beneficial results. The proposed mechanisms would be that urate safeguards versus lipid peroxidation […]

Updated: March 14, 2017 — 3:23 pm
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