How Much Does a Physical Therapist Get Paid?

Physiotherapists in US can make over $54 per hour.

You can earn over $53.41 per hour as a physiotherapist if you are among the leading 10 percent in revenues, inning accordance with May 2011 information from the Bureau of Labor Statistics. But you better have the essential empathy, attention for information and physical stamina required of this occupation. Your tasks would consist of examining patients’ injuries or conditions and then developing restorative and workout programs for them.

Typical Hourly Wages & Benefits

Your typical hourly earnings as a physical therapist would be $38.38, according to the BLS. This corresponds to $79,830 per year, which is simply under the $80,000 income the American Physical Therapy Association reports. Your hourly rate would likely fall in the $31.66 to $44.14 range, which is what the middle half earned. If you are amongst the most affordable 10 percent, you ‘d make less than $26.30. Expect to get normal advantages like medical insurance coverage, paid vacations and a retirement strategy as a physiotherapist.

Per Hour Wages by Industry

You would make the highest hourly rates working for a management or technical consulting firm, helping employees to handle repetitive stress and other injuries. They made $43.76 per hour, inning accordance with the BLS. Your task would be to get employees rehabilitated so they can go back to work. If you like dealing with older folks, you ‘d make about $40.01 as a nursing home employee. Your earnings would be closer to the national average working in general or surgical health centers at $37.84 per hour. And, anticipate to make $37.76 per hour in the offices of health specialists, where 37 percent of all physiotherapists work — the largest industry for this field.

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Per Hour Wages by State

You would make the highest hourly rate of $47.33 in Nevada, inning accordance with the BLS. Take some extra change along if you prefer to play the slots. If you like Texas barbecues, the $43.55 you would make there might also have you two-stepping at home. Your would also make a reasonably high wage in California at $41.98 per hour. And, your per hour revenues would be about typical in Connecticut at $38.90.

Education & Training

Take a deep breath, because your course to ending up being a physical therapist can be long and arduous. You require a bachelor’s degree to start. Your next 2 to 3 years would be invested earning either a master’s or doctorate of physical therapy, according to the BLS. More medical facilities are requiring the latter. Subsequently, you would spend nine months to 3 years as a local, working under a skilled physical therapist. And, prior to the residency, you would have to pass a state-sponsored exam for your license.

Work Outlook

You’ve selected a promising profession. Jobs for physical therapists are expected to increase 39 percent between 2010 and 2020, inning accordance with the BLS. This rate of development is much faster than the nationwide average of 14 percent. The majority of job development will be stimulated by an aging population, as they generally suffer more pain and physical ailments. Injury victims and babies with abnormality are also living longer and requiring your caring services.

2018 Salary Information for Physical Therapists

Physical therapists earned a median yearly wage of $86,400 in 2018, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. On the low end, physical therapists earned a 25th percentile salary of $71,680, suggesting 75 percent earned more than this quantity. The 75th percentile income is $101,880, suggesting 25 percent make more. In 2018, 240,800 people were used in the United States as physiotherapists.

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