Physical Therapy for Fractured Hand

Many small bones comprise the supporting structure for your hands, fingers and wrists. When extreme force is applied to your hand, from a succumb to example, the small bones are susceptible to becoming fractured. A hand fracture might cause pain, swelling and decreased ability to use the afflicted hand. As a result, your doctor may incapacitate your hand to enable the bones to recover.

Recommended Physical Therapy for Fractured Hand

When your fracture is steady, your doctor may suggest a series of exercises to help increase function and reduce tightness in your hand.

Towel Wring

A towel wring workout helps increase strength and versatility in your hand following a fracture. To finish this exercise, grape a towel and twist it. Twist the towel forward and in reverse, as far as you can go. Bear in mind the act of wringing water out of a towel as you complete this workout. To make this workout more difficult, you can wet the towel. A damp towel will add weight, which can help contribute to the strength of your hands. Total one set of 10 repeatings of this exercise.

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Wrist Rolls

Wrist rolls concentrate on enhancing the variety of motion in your hand and wrist as your fracture heals. Place your elbow on a table and hold the affected hand in the air. You ought to use your healthy hand to stabilize your elbow. Start by making sluggish circles with your wrist. Make circles going clockwise and counter clockwise. Total one set of 10 repetitions entering each instructions. As soon as your range of motion starts to enhance, increase the problem of this exercise by holding a light hand weight as your total your wrist rolls.


After immobilization, your capability to comprehend things along with strength in your hand might be doing not have. In order to rebuild your gripping strength, set a variety of small things up on a table in front of you. Practice picking the things up with your affected hand multiple times each day. You may likewise use a tennis ball, stress ball, rubber ball or hand grippers to help increase the comprehending capability in your affected hand. Place the ball in the palm of your hand and cover your fingers around it. Squeeze as firmly as possible. Unwind and repeat. Total three sets of 10 repeatings daily.

Prayer Stretch

A prayer stretch helps increase flexibility in your wrist by applying light resistance as you stretch your wrist, hand and forearm, all of which are likely to lose strength and flexibility as the result of a hand fracture. Position your palms together with your fingers fully extended and touching each other, much like the position you would take if you are praying. Hold your elbows up and slowly push your hands against each other. You must feel a stretch in your hands and wrists. Hold this position for a count of five seconds. Relax and repeat. Complete one set of 10 repetitions, 3 times every day.


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