How to Clean Lungs after Giving Up Smoking?

Can you clean your lungs after quitting smoking? How to clean lungs after your quit day and how long it takes?

Whether you have stopped smoking an hour ago or two years earlier, the impacts of cigarettes on your lungs stay. Clearly, the more recent you give up, the more signs of lung damage exists. However, even if one has actually stopped smoking for several years, there will still be traces of damage in your lungs.

Pollution does not help any as well, further damaging your lungs with each breath you take.

Cigarette smokers and non-smokers all have some degree of lung damage. Thankfully, one can restore broken tissue with the appropriate care and nutrition. Below are 5 manner ins which to clean your lungs after quitting cigarette smoking.

Change in Diet to Clean Lungs after Giving Up Smoking

Some individuals dread getting a lifestyle change, however if you simply gave up smoking, that alone is a considerable change. However, aside from swearing off the cancer sticks, a change of diet is likewise needed. Decreasing your meat, dairy, and wheat item intake can help in getting rid of any mucus left lingering in your lungs. When flavoring your food, cayenne, garlic, ginger, and onions are likewise powerful agents to lowering mucus. Naturally, you need to likewise reduce sugar, salt, and processed foods.

Foods high in antioxidants help in improving one’s lung capacity, according to These include fish, spinach, broccoli, and green tea. If you must, consult a diet professional to understand the complete range of foods you require.


In addition to one’s change in diet, daily exercise plays a big part in cleaning your lungs. Invest at least 30 minutes of workout four to 5 times a day. It does not need to be exhausting, as long as you can get an increased heart rate. Walking, running, and swimming are excellent cardiorespiratory exercises that won’t cost you a fortune to get started. If you prefer to exercise outdoors, do so far from traffic and other contamination.

do your lungs clean themselves after quitting smoking

Hot Showers after Quitting Smoking

It might sound odd, but hot showers help in getting rid of body contaminants. Adding a number of drops of eucalyptus oil in a bowl of hot water and breathing in the steam from it likewise adds to clean the lungs. If you just gave up cigarette smoking and are experiencing fits of coughing that are mucus-related, hot showers and eucalyptus are excellent expectorants.

Take Flu Shots

Keeping yourself healthy also means preventing any future conditions you might get. Visit your doctor and get flu shots because influenza can take its toll on your lungs. By preventing the start of the flu, you save your lungs from needing to handle the coughs and colds that include it. Keeping your lungs free from illness helps it recover quicker from the abuse it has actually drawn from smoking cigarettes.

Breathing Exercises for Lungs

Carry out breathing exercises. There are a number of breathing exercises that can aid in enhancing the functions of the lungs. Some examples include using a spirometer device, breathing through the diaphragm or the pursed lip strategy. Try out numerous breathing strategies and relaxation exercises to discover which ones work best for you. Contact your doctor to see about beginning a regimen where a breathing therapist will work with you personally to teach you various breathing techniques.


Make sure that you have clearance from your healthcare provider prior to changing your diet or starting any workout program.

Avoid using any food, herbs or spices that you may be allergic to.

The Bottom Line

While there are many manner ins which to help clean the lungs, the 5 guidelines above are the most convenient to do and are extremely reliable also. You can explore alternative recovery techniques, but these need you to search for materials not usually discovered in your community pharmacy.

You can do one or all the above, and even surpass, however quitting cigarette smoking is the hardest part, and you will surely find that whatever comes next is easy. Many think that fixing what has actually been harmed in the lungs is difficult, however that is a misconception. All it takes is commitment and know-how. The knowledge has actually been offered to you, but the commitment part is all approximately you.


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  1. Leo

    After I quit smoking to clear my lungs, I started to do various cardio exercises, run in the mornings, swim in the pool and I also took a hot shower. I feel better)