Different Types of Massages

Massage therapy is the manipulation of the muscles, tendons and other soft tissues of your body.

There are lots of types of massage therapy, from classics like Swedish and deep tissue to more exotic designs like shiatsu. Whether you ‘d like to branch out a bit or have a health condition or injury, choosing a style of massage can be confusing if you’re not sure what it includes. Here is a list of the most popular types of massage (consisting of some that might be new to you).

Swedish Massage Therapy

The basic type of massage provided in a lot of clinics, health clubs, medspas, and health centers, Swedish massage is virtually synonymous with massage therapy. Swedish massage is based upon the Western concepts of anatomy and physiology, compared with the energy-centric design more common in Asian forms of massage. Using cream or oil, massage therapists typically begin with broad general strokes and then transition to particular strokes to attend to problem areas.

There are 5 basic strokes in Swedish massage therapy: effleurage (long smooth strokes), petrissage (kneading, rolling, and lifting), friction (wringing or small circular movements), tapotement (percussion), and vibration (rocking and shaking motions).

Swedish massage provides full-body muscle relaxation, and it can be especially practical if you’re recuperating from an injury.

Aromatherapy Massage

An aromatherapy massage is a Swedish massage with fragrant plant oils (known as essential oils) contributed to the massage oil.

Drawn out from flowers and other plant parts, essential oils use a pleasing aroma and are thought to have recovery properties. Lavender and increased, for instance, are known to promote relaxation. Although oils may be picked to resolve particular requirements, the therapist normally uses pre-blended oils to unwind, energize, or uplift.

The relaxing impacts of aromatherapy massage can benefit a variety of conditions, consisting of headaches, insomnia, particular digestion disorders, back pain, as well as premenstrual symptoms. Before getting an aromatherapy massage, ensure you’re not adverse any of the plants used in the oils, given that they may cause a reaction on the skin.

Hot Stone Massage

As the name suggests, hot stone massage uses warm stones. The therapist positions heated, smooth stones on specific points on the body and also holds the warm stones while offering the massage. The stones are normally basalt (a volcanic rock that keeps heat well).

The warmth of the stones can be relaxing and can loosen tight muscles so that the therapist can reach areas of muscle stress quickly.

If you have certain medical conditions such as high blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease, or varicose veins, you should contact your healthcare company if you plan on getting a hot stone massage. Likewise, if you take any blood-thinning medication, be sure to get a medical opinion first.

Deep Tissue Massage

Deep tissue massage is a focused, therapeutic massage that targets muscle knots (also known as “adhesions”) and specific issue areas in the deeper layers of muscle and connective tissue.

Using deliberate, sluggish strokes or friction across the grain of the muscle, the therapist addresses chronic tight or painful muscles, recurring strain, postural issues, or injuries.

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While it’s true that the pressure of deep tissue is typically more extreme than that of a Swedish massage, it should not need to be painful to be reliable. If you’re experiencing pain, let your massage therapist know immediately.

This kind of massage is particularly helpful for people with chronic pain or lingering injuries that cause limited movement. It’s effective in dealing with recurring stress injuries such as tennis elbow or carpal tunnel syndrome and can be useful in reducing the symptoms of osteoarthritis.

Shiatsu Massage

A form of Japanese bodywork, shiatsu includes localized pressure using the therapist’s fingers (or sometimes hands and elbows), used in a balanced series along the body. Each point is held for about two to 8 seconds. With roots in standard Chinese medicine, the objective of shiatsu is to promote acupressure points on the body to improve the flow of energy and assistance gain back balance.

Because no oil or cream is used, you use loose clothing. Shiatsu is typically done on a mat on the floor or on a low massage table and is frequently used to reduce stress and safeguard versus stress-related health concerns. It’s likewise thought efficient for dealing with conditions like arthritis, sleeping disorders, back and neck pain, sciatica, as well as sinus issues.

Shiatsu might help increase energy, promote recovery from injuries, and stimulate the gastrointestinal system.

Pregnancy Massage

Likewise known as prenatal massage, pregnancy massage is tailored to an expectant mom’s needs however is frequently used to promote relaxation. Since lots of pregnant women suffer from lower back pain and swollen ankles particularly in the later months, prenatal massage is a reasonably safe, drug-free method to offer relief.

Massage therapists who have gotten customized training and are certified in prenatal massage know how to place and support the female’s body during the massage, customize strategies, and prevent specific areas and methods during pregnancy. Most will have an unique table that allows the female to rest comfortably and safely during the massage. Preferably, you need to seek out a specialist who is knowledgeable and certified in prenatal massage.


Like having your feet dealt with? The therapist uses finger pressure and methods such as kneading and rubbing to promote relaxation and healing in the body. Reflexology is based on “reflex areas” on the hands and feet, whose energy is believed to be connected to organs and other body parts. By applying pressure to the reflex points, the reflexologist can balance your nerve system and stimulate endorphins, the body’s natural satisfaction response, which reduces stress and discomfort.

Reflexology go back to ancient civilizations but was fine-tuned by American physiotherapist Eunice Ingram in the 1930s. This can be a deeply peaceful therapy, particularly if you stand all day or have actually tired, achy feet. You remove your shoes and socks but otherwise stay clothed.

Sports Massage

Developed to prevent and treat injuries, improve versatility, and boost athletic efficiency, sports massage can be used by professional athletes of all abilities to prepare for or recover from athletic or sports events. Even if you aren’t a professional athlete, sports massage may assist muscle pain or restricted range of motion.

The concept behind sports massage is to control the body’s soft tissues, and focus on certain muscle groups depending on which sport the athlete plays. This kind of massage can aid with increased blood flow, increased range of movement, and increased versatility.

In sports massage, the strokes are normally faster than a typical Swedish massage. The therapist might also include compression, pressure point therapy, friction, and joint mobilization.


When you are trying to find massage therapy, make certain to check which kind of massage a practitioner can supply. Match that with the benefits you wish to receive from the massage session. You may want to talk with numerous different specialists to find the one who understands your requirements and is used to dealing with people with comparable goals. Make sure likewise to talk about any allergies, such as to aromas or plant oils, so your massage will be relaxing and advantageous without that issue.

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