Double Nails on Toes

While lots of people do not request or seek out elimination of second nail on the toe, as the accessory nail is asymptomatic, treatment, if asked for, is simple.

The second toenail can be observed on either one or both feet, where there is a separation of the toenail positioned on the tiniest toe. The apart part of the nail forms a smaller sized “6th toenail” on the corner of the larger, or “main” area of the toenail, on the outer side of the foot, which extends outwards from the corner of the bigger nail. The extra “nail” can be cut with a nail clipper, similar to any other nail.

Causes and What to Do?

There are a couple of different possibilities here, and your physician will be able to assist you to figure things out.

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For instance, among the most typical causes of a ‘double nail’ like this would be prior trauma to the nail bed (such as stubbing your toe). Sometimes, the double nail will grow out and deal with gradually, whereas other times the nail bed might be permanently harmed, leading to a permanent double nail. In more severe cases, your primary care physician may desire you to see a podiatric doctor (foot specialist) see if any additional interventions would be required.

Another possibility is that might represent a fungal infection of the nail. Fungal organisms can permeate deep under the nail, where they can cause defects of the nail along with thickening of the nail and changes in color. If this does end up being a fungal infection of the nail, it will probably need a prescription oral antifungal medication to help it clean up recommended by your doctor.

Patients with double little toenails were seen in all countries visited, irrespective of skin complexion and race. Many cases were found throughout an examination for another factor; some patients revealed their little toes throughout foot assessment and just very couple of seeking advice from since of this condition.
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