I Feel Dizzy After Eating Greasy Food

Why do you feel lightheaded or dizzy right after eating oily meal?

Feeling dizziness after eating meals prevails in the senior, affecting about one-third of older males and females. It is not so common in younger people. This condition, also called postprandial hypotension, can cause a dizzy feeling, or lightheadedness, which may result in fainting or falling. Experiencing dizziness and fatigue occasionally after consuming meals might not be a cause for issue, however if you are experiencing lightheadedness regularly, it is necessary to consult your doctor.

Causes of Feeling Dizziness After Eating Greasy Food

Fatty foods can cause immediate side effects such as gas, bloating, heartburn and heartburn, and long-term effects such as increased risk for heart disease. While some fats are needed for health, other should be restricted. The New York Times Health Guide recommends limiting intake of saturated and trans fats and consuming unsaturated, plant-based fats, such as olive oil and nuts, for enhanced wellness. For best outcomes, look for defined assistance from a healthcare professional.

Greasy foods that contain saturated fat, trans fats and/or cholesterol are connected to bad heart health and increased risk for high cholesterol, high blood pressure and heart attack. Excessive intake of unhealthy fats is likewise a significant risk element for heart disease, a leading cause of death in America, according to the New York Times Health Guide. Foods abundant in saturated fat and cholesterol consist of beef, beef fat, lamb, veal, organ meats, poultry fat, whole milk, butter, cream and egg yolks. Processed foods such as commercially ready cookies, cakes, chips, crackers and fast food, are significant contributors of trans fats. Taking in more than 10 percent of your day-to-day calories in the form of hydrogenated fat and 1 percent through trans fat boosts your risk for fatty food-related health issue.

Dizzness After Eating Greasy Meals in Woman

Q. I am a 33 years of ages female feeling dizziness or vertigo after eating sugar consisting of or oily foods for the last 3 months. I get dark vision and my head spins so I go to bed to sleep then my tongue spins too. I got a blood test done, which revealed normal blood sugar levels however the cholesterol was 240 mg/dl. The doctor recommended Tesval and Histasafe, however that provided no relief. Now I am not taking any sugar or oily food. The doctor then asked for a CRT scan of my head. The result was normal. What is the issue with me? Please advise.

A. You have to see a neurologist to eliminate an unusual disorder called hypokalaemic regular paralysis. In this disorder, consumption of starchy food can cause short-term weakness/paralysis in particular group of muscles, which recuperates after sometime. The doctor may need to check your potassium levels during among these episodes as well as do a test called exercise EMG.

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