Health Benefits of Ylang-Ylang Essential Oil

The health benefits of Ylang-Ylang Essential Oil can be credited to its properties as an antidepressant, antiseborrhoeic, antibacterial, aphrodisiac, hypotensive, nervine and sedative substance.

This essential oil was not commonly found out about till extremely recently, but with the thousands of cosmetics products and their ads flooding the television and global media, it soon ended up being a family name and a preferred for aromatherapists.

The essential oil of ylang-ylang is extracted by steam distillation of fresh flowers of the ylang-ylang tree, which bears the scientific name Cananga Odorata and is typically found in the tropical rain forest of specific Asian and South Pacific Islands like Indonesia, Philippines, Java, Sumatra, Comoro and Polynesia.

The chief components of the essential oil of ylang-ylang are benzyl acetate, benzyl benzoate linalool, caryophyllene, geranyl acetate, methyl benzoate, p-cresyl methyl ether and other elements called Sesquiterpenes, which all add to its scent and medical properties.

In addition to its widespread use in perfumes and aromatherapy treatments due to its extremely pleasing and delicate scent, ylang-ylang essential oil is also used for a variety of medicinal functions.

List of Health Benefits of Ylang-Ylang Essential Oil

Let’s check the number of the medicinal properties of ylang-ylang essential oil pair up with the mass media ads!

Ylang-ylang essential oil effects

Antidepressant: This is one of the earliest recognized medical properties of Ylang-Ylang and it belongs of the essential oil as well. It combats depression and unwinds both the body and soul, thereby driving away anxiety, sadness, and chronic stress. It also has an uplifting effect on state of mind and causes sensations of happiness and hope. It may be a reliable treatment for those undergoing nervous breakdowns and severe depression after a shock or a mishap.

Antiseborrhoeic: Seborrhoea or Seborrhoeic Eczema is an awful disease that is caused due to malfunctioning sebaceous glands. This condition results in irregular sebum production and the consequent infection of the epidermal cells. It looks really unappealing and painful, since the white or pale yellow skin, whether it’s dry or greasy, begins removing. This normally takes place on the scalp, cheeks, eyebrows and wherever else hair follicles are found. Ylang-Ylang Essential Oil can be advantageous in curing this inflammatory circumstance and decreasing the skin irritation and soreness by regularizing sebum production and treating the infection itself.

Antiseptic: Any wounds like cuts, abrasions or burns features the chance of the injury ending up being septic from numerous bacterial infections. The risk of complications is even greater when the wound was made by an iron item, as there remains an opportunity of it ending up being infected by tetanus germs. Essential Oil of Ylang-Ylang can help to avoid both sepsis and tetanus by preventing microbial growth and sanitizing the wounds. This property of Ylang-Ylang Essential Oil secures your wounds from infections from bacteria, virus and fungus. It likewise helps to speed up the healing process of the wound.

Aphrodisiac: The Essential Oil originated from Ylang-Ylang can truly turn on the love within couples and can improve your sexual life. This can be very useful for those individuals who have lost interest in sex due to incredible workload, professional stress, depression, or the effects of contamination. The loss of sex drive or frigidity is a growing problem in contemporary life, however relying on natural essential oils like Ylang-ylang can truly help you find your libido.

Hypotensive: This oil is a really effective agent for decreasing blood pressure. In current times, because high blood pressure is a major health epidemic amongst both the young and the old, and the drugs for decreasing it having serious negative side effects on the health, Ylang-Ylang oil can be a simple and natural solution, according to It has no negative side effects on health, if taken in recommended quantities.

Sedative: Health benefits of ylang-ylang essential oil consists of providing releif from stress and anxiety. This oil sedates or relaxes nervous conditions, stress, anger and anxiety, while inducing a relaxed sensation.

Nervine: Ylang-Ylang Essential Oil is a health booster for the nervous system. It enhances the nerve system and repair works any damage it may have suffered. Furthermore, it also reduces stress on the nerves and protects them from developing a number of nervous disorders.

Other Benefits

Ylang-ylang essential oil can be used to cure infections in internal organs such as the stomach, intestines, colon, and urinary tract. It is also good for individuals experiencing insomnia, tiredness, frigidity and other stress related conditions. It is extremely effective in preserving moisture and oil balance of the skin and keeps the skin looking hydrated, smooth, and young.

Few Words of Caution

Some cases of level of sensitivity, queasiness and headache have been observed when taken in excessive amounts. Otherwise, when taken in suggested dosages, it is non-toxic and is not reported to cause any inflammation.


The Essential Oil of Ylang-Ylang makes great blends with essential oils derived from bergamot, grapefruits, lavender and sandalwood.


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