How to Get a Tighter Chest

Tighter Chest

A tight, developed chest jobs a look of strength and self-confidence. Acquiring a distinct chest requires following consistent weight training, aerobic and diet programs. These 3 components operate in unison to construct lean muscle and burn excess chest fat. Learning how to establish your pectoral muscles while burning excess fat prepares you for your perfect-chest journey. Always talk to your doctor prior to beginning a workout and diet program.

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Steps to Get Tighter Chest

  1. Add a dumbbell chest press to your weight training regimen. Enter into the beginning position by resting on a flat bench with your dumbbells on your thighs, then gradually lean back into a reclining position. In the lying position, move your dumbbells to the side of your chest while keeping a 90-degree elbow angle. Lift the weights over your chest up until you reach a complete extension with your arms. Squeeze your chest muscles at the top of the motion. Slowly lower your weights till you reach the starting position and repeat till you attain muscle fatigue.
  2. Carry out the slope barbell bench press to establish the upper portion of your pectoral muscles. Lie on an incline bench and place your hands using a shoulder-width distance. Raise the barbell off the rack and gradually lower until you reach a 90-degree elbow bend. Raise the bar until you reach full-arm extension while breathing out throughout the entire lifting movement. Continue this workout up until complete muscular failure happens. Muscular failure refers to the inability for working muscles to continue another repetition during a workout.
  3. Perform a weekly minimum of 3 30-minute aerobic training sessions to promote weight loss. Aerobic exercise offers a method for calorie burn, which means losing fat all over and around your chest area.
  4. Take notice of your calorie consumption and quality. A diet that promotes fat loss and muscle development should consist of lean proteins like turkey, chicken or fish and slow-delivering carb sources like green veggies and entire grains. Focus on your everyday calorie intake. Because 1 pound equates to 3,500 calories, an everyday deficit of 500 calories creates a 1-pound weekly weight loss rate. Dropping weight assists in shedding excess chest fat to tighten your pecs.

Things you’ll need: dumbbells and barbell.

Our Recommendations

  • Enable at least one recovery day in between your weightlifting sessions.
  • Use a spotter when performing chest press exercises to make sure safety.
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